Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Killzone: Games and Giveaway reminder

+++ just a quick reminder that both Forge World limited edition miniatures from Gamesday can be yours if you submit a Mission report on the label to the right ->

The drawing and announcement will be on Friday, December 23. Get yourself some.

These rare figures are going for staggering amounts on ebay, but can be in your hands for free. Just download Killzone Rules and Errata v 2.4, play some games, and let us know how it went by filling out that form.

We are rapidly approaching the end of this giveaway season, as well as the end of our Killzone playtesting experiment. The feedback has been tremendous (really just astonishingly tremendous), and we are very near our final draft of the whole system –which will be officially on the table come January 1. 

We will be calling these rules v3.0 and they will be the official set used at AdeptiCon this year (speaking of, more on those 10 3x3 tables in coming posts).

Again, thank you everyone for helping us iron out all the kinks and making this playtesting experiment so wildly productive. We are really quite proud of why and how this whole affair has come together. The rules are as solid as any I have seen produced for free, and we have been having an absolute blast playing –hope you have too. +++

On that note:

I am extraordinarily pleased to report that I was finally able to make a suburban jaunt and get some proper games in this weekend (pictures abound). I met FrozenJoe and Skarvald at their local-ish store and, in several hours, we played 6 games, I believe. Glorious.

Of course, we found a few bugs (for example, we finally found that DE Combat Drugs and Hypex quirk that had been bugging me since AdeptiCon last year. Fixed. Moving onward) but increasingly, those tics are small in scope and nature. That is a good sign, one that tells me our revision process is winding down.

Perhaps one of the most important items we took away from this weekend was the nature of the table itself. Having shrunk the table size by a solid square foot, to 3x3, we have been particularly attentive to the intimate nature of this revised system.

Moreover, this was a reminder of lesson that we also learned last year particularly well at AdeptiCon, which is that the table makes the game. Though the tables we produced last year were attractive visually, there were a few glitches in the way the tabletop interacted with the missions. We have resolved to sort that out entirely this time around. So far. So good. It’s going to be tremendous. Indeed.

Pictured here, for example, is an example of the table that worked best for us on the weekend. The Killzone rules call for 50% coverage on any given table, but I would encourage more. At the very least, we have found that a variety of LoS blocking, and partially blocking terrain is crucial. In this case, there are no real “alleys” of LoS that allow guns to dominate. As importantly, there is plenty of “waist high” scenery to offer cover for hapless agents in the field.

I lost two games to Joe on this table. ahem.

The first was my IG v Joe’s themed Behemoth Nids list. The game ended with my battered IG force claiming a partial primary mission completion (3 Mission Points) while Joe’s sturdy Nids –each with only one wound remaining- earning points for secondary and tertiary missions (4 Mission Points total). It doesn’t get closer than that.

The second game, I lost again to Joe, but this time with his Dark Eldar Kabal of the Grotesque v my Lone Wolves themed operatives. Again, it was tense, and again only a key eye on the mission parameters kept Joe on target for the win.

More on these games and the others next time. Until then. Get some games in and let us know about it all. Time is running out to win free stuff.

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Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Oh yeeeah.. I'm glad you managed to capture da brave Ledbelcha and little Corki assaulting your Ogryn through difficult terrain, making his armor save,inflicting a wound on the Ogryn AND catching him while trying to run away.
So epic.

We all had a great time and I personally cannot wait to hang out again. Me and Joe spent an hour or so discussing table design ideas at this doughnut place... at like.. midnight. We'll catch up.