Saturday, December 3, 2011

Killzone: Giveaway

Just a reminder: to all those interested in a very good chance for a free Stormraven (sent directly to your doorstep), you must get stuck into the first round of December Killzone giveaways. I promise you have never had an easier path to a free Stormraven.

The drawing will be this Friday, December 9.

To enter, you need only play a game, fill out a short report (below), and send it to me. You earn one entry for each report and there is no limit! So play. Report. Win.

Nonstandard 40K should always be this rewarding.

Check out the latest Killzone v2:Rulebook and Errata, then get clean on it.

Also on December 9, I will announce the big prize for the next giveaway. Indeed. If you missed this opportunity, there will be another prize given away on Friday, December 16 (just be sure to get the latest and greatest free download first). As before, more entries equals more chances to win.

We intend to keep this up until the cows come home –or the new year, whichever.


Tim said...

You want those hand written? Scanned and emailed? Or can I sum up in an email?

Brian said...

Hey Tim. Thanks for the question: any which way that is easiest for you will work perfectly for me (I only ask that you include as much of the information as absolutely possible if you summarize).


Anonymous said...

Do you mean the next round will be on Friday, December 16th?
Or Sunday, December 18th?

Brian said...

Absolutely. My bad. Dec 16th is the next phase.
Thanks for catching that.

Son of Dorn said...

Just finished my first game. I'll have the results emailed to you within the next day, as well as a slew of questions my friend's and I had about resolving specific situations. :)

Brian said...

@ Son of Dorn. Thank you. I look forward to seeing the report. I am also looking forward to the questions, we have found these to be particularly helpful as we move forward with all this gloriousness. Cheers.