Wednesday, January 11, 2012

PWORK: by Grande Maestro


I just wanted to drop a hasty shout out for some genuine tremendousness out there on the interwebs. You may have noticed the new icon and link on the right-->. Go. Go now. That's PWORK or paper work for those less inclined to abbreviation.

[The link will take you to the Italian page, but you need simply click on the translate icon at top if you prefer English (or another language for that matter)].

This absolutely brilliant, stunning, and beautiful product line is the aptly titled "work" of an Italian blogger called Grande Maestro -the Grand Master- indeed. His blog is really great fun, but the real meat and potatoes comes from his brain-child PWORK. This stuff really gets my inspiration wavelengths jumping. Dungeon crawl. Deep Space. Space Hulk. I feel the hobby butterfly beckoning. 

There is something here for just about everyone, RPG or tabletop or skirmish or whathaveyou. The range is superlative ...and growing all the time.  I might also add, for any north americans interested, that the dollar has not been stronger against the Euro for a long, long time. That means these already inexpensive masterpieces should be even less so in a very real way compared to only some few months previous.

At the very least, I encourage you to have a gander at a genuine talent out there and, if you feel inclined, support a fellow hobbyist and blogger. 



CounterFett said...

The timing on this simply could not be better. I am moving most of my hobby effort to paper/board scenery (a la boardgame pieces). Tremendous news, thanks!

Brian said...

@ Fett. I aim to please.

Cameron said...

They look great. I am really tempted to get some of the boards and walkways as a nice portable and easy storage solution.

Does anyone have any experience with putting stuff like this together? Can you get it printed matte at a printers? What would you mount it on? Foamcore?

Brian said...

@ Cameron. I believe each item has something like a "suggested use" note attached. I've purchased one set that I just printed off at home and glued to some card. All of these, however, will benefit from proper treatment at the printers and should be transferable (unless I am mistaken) to mattes, foamcore, and whatnot. Foamcore, in particular, would have saved me some time.