Monday, January 2, 2012

Special Operations: Killzone v3.0

Yes. Well. I promised this yesterday, but only just typed the very last amendments and revisions here and/or there this morning. It has been a tremendous labor of love, and the entire process has inspired in me a genuine and profound respect for people that design games from scratch and for a living. It’s madness –dizzying, wonderful, addictive madness.

Unless something dramatic has been wildly overlooked (fingers crossed, fingers crossed), this will be the version that takes us through AdeptiCon 2012 and into the next edition of 40K (we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it). So, if you are signed up for the events at AdeptiCon, or if you are simply interested in lightning-fast, tense, narrative-rich, and otherwise glorious skirmish games in the grimest and darkest corners of the 40Kverse, this is for you.

I can only hope that you will enjoy the product. For my part, I have been having an absolutely cracking time with the new mechanics. The game dynamic has evolved tremendously from its humble, chaotic version we put straight through the AdeptiCon mill last year. In particular, the way in which Missions have been layered one upon the other creates a really tense atmosphere: rarely can a team complete all its objectives, and this invariably leads to some really compelling and jittery moments. Hope is never lost. Victory is never ensured.


As for the basic mechanics of the game, for that I must thank the Dreamer, Skarvald, and the Pedagogue, FrozenJoe (indeed, I even have to thank Skarvald for that reference, the origins of which I am otherwise oblivious). We would all also like to thank you, the playtesters, who spent the month of December crunching through game after game after game …and telling us about it. Thanks for sticking with the revision process and working/playing through all the rough edges. Thanks.

Again, I hope you enjoy this product as much as we are currently, which is to say, quite a lot.

Of course, we are always interested in feedback and want to hear how this madness works on your tabletop. So please feel free to drop Big Jim, or me, or Skarvald, or FrozenJoe a line as and when you are able.

Until then…


p.s. I'm not too big nor too clever with these kinds of things, but Killzone has a Facebook page for those of you that socialize as such. 

Oh, these modern times.


muggins said...

Super excited to try this out. With all we've been doing lately we just haven't had time which I feel extremely bad about. Will try it out on the Candidus Capillus space hulk!

Anonymous said...

Why is the Tyranid Shrike not able to fulfill the role of Team Leader and only the Tyranid Warrior is? The Shrikes are just a Warriors with wings basically and their addition would allow a fully themed Death From Above team.

Brian said...

@ Michael. Solidarity. It's been crazy around here as well. Let me know how it works out for you.

@ Anonymous. Good question. I am chatting to the rules guys and will get back to you on that one.

Brian said...

@ Anon. Rules guys say Shrike is a go. The mistake was clerical. The Codex: O has been corrected. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Cool Beans =)

Anonymous said...

I just re-downloaded it and I'm not seeing the change =/

"Team Leader: any Tyranid team must be lead by a Warrior unless that team is comprised entirely of genestealers (including the Broodlord)."

Brian said...

That's my bad. It will be up tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

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Anonymous said...

"unless that team is comprised entirely of genestealers (including the Broodlord)"

Clairification: Does that including Ymgarl Genestealers too, or only regular Genestealers?

Brian said...

@ Anon.
including Ymgarl as well. Good questions. Cheers. We appreciate the feedback.