Monday, January 9, 2012

Top Ten Models... according to me: #2 The Terminator Lord

Today is a break, but only a temporary one, from Killzone gloriousness in order to make a small space for the ongoing series that I began back in …? godknowswhen. My how time flies. I know that some of you have been waiting with modest (im)patience for this next installment, and for that I thank you.  

So, the Chaos Terminator Lord. I loved him so much that I bought three, four actually, but I made three from top to bottom as Terminator Lords. Each plays a specific role in my Arrugginiti CSM –a hapless gaggle of Nurgle devotees. So far, they’ve mostly just been punked by Roberto Vo5’s Deathwing. Still, they are learning. They are evil.

The Chaos Lords. The first point of interest, you will note, is that two of these madmen feature conversions/kit-bashes (I only recently learned that there might be a difference between these two activities –though I am still fuzzy on that distinction); whichever, the winner here, as mentioned in the previous string of posts, is plastic. Plastic made these modest conversions possible. Perhaps one might hazard that plastic turned a simple kit-bash into a genuine conversion.

That will be for others to decide, I suppose.

The real glory here, however, is not just that GW has made this dynamic figure in plastic, but that the figure is both wildly modifiable and still tremendously dynamic in the first place. Consider the complexity of arranging so many individual elements that, when assembled in a stunningly diverse series of possibilities, still work –and work extraordinarily well.

There is a kind of synergy in the pieces that compose this figure –and, again, by this I mean pretty much all of them- so that no matter how one combines the varied and multitudinous elements, one is left with a really cool figure. The legs are sturdy, strong, but active, the torso slightly twisted across the pose, so that the body is visually interesting.

Observe the flowing tabard and the way it draws the eye into the body of the figure. Likewise, the tattered cloak animates the figure, or more specifically the way it breathes so much life and movement into the figure. Chaotic winds swirl around this badass. He is alive and mobile and ready to pounce. Consider, in fact, very cool manner in which those animating elements are picked up by the dramatic slope of the chaotic ground beneath him –as if responding to his malevolence- and then carry the eye back around the model. It’s a great cinematic gesture as well as a solid design element. I love it. Love.

I would ask you to think of poor,old Abaddon as a comparative measure. He is a massive block of stunted, stagnant awkwardness –albeit evil awkwardness. On the contrary, you simply cannot pose the plastic Lord poorly, conversions or otherwise. Even the most basic assembly creates a model more readily dripping with threat and menace than dear old Abby. Poor sod. No wonder we have seen so many tremendou re-interpretations of Abaddon using this kit. The fellow knew Horus! He deserves this at the very least.

Of course, I have tried (in my own humble way) to turn two of these figures up to eleven (“nah, mate. It’s one lawdah”). But again, even pieces outside the specific range (Ogres, et al)  flow almost almost seamlessly into the basic pose. This may be immodest, but I don’t have an overwhelming sense that these piece don’t belong, as one might expect. In either case, the lines of the model continue to work toward an overall dynamic and cohesive effect that leaves me wondering how… how… did that happen?

I don’t/can’t take credit, really. This, put simply, is the glory of good design, and this model (rather these models) ooze it.  



Donz0 said...

Brian, on the nurgle lord with sword and banner, is that the standard nurgle marked helmet that comes in the CSM kit? Im looking for some solid nurgle helmets and cant seem to find any aftermarket ones... Thanks

Brian said...

Hey Donzo. Yes. That is the CSM head from the basic spru. Nothing fancy really -though I, too, wish they were more readily available.

lil will said...

These are really nice

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Dang.... I especially love the first one. The use of the Ogre blade and the banner are just.. astonishing, Brian.
Super jealous, as always.
- Vlad

TJ Atwell said...

I love all of them, but the one that stands out is the Nurgle lord with the banner and ogre sword. It really is perfect!

You are right though, the plastic lord kit is amazing!

Son of Dorn said...

Those all look fantastic!
::Looks at SM HQ's and shakes head::

Can't wait to see what #1 is. :)

Brent said...

Sometimes your mad talent just gets my goat.

Not really sure what that means, but here's an emoticon mad face.


Wanna do a video battle report at Adepticon?

Now a happy face...


The Dark Templar said...

I have to say that the Arrugguniti Lord has always been a favourite. Yes the plastic kit is mighty fine but the Ogre blade addition and your rusty metal recipe makes it special.

GoldenKaos said...

Magnificent, truly.
If you want a clearer distinction between kitbashes and conversions, I'm gonna use Frontline Gamer's definition: that it's only a conversion when you've had to hack it up and/or use green stuff (whether to sculpt or to cover up).

Von said...

That kit is possibly my favourite piece of design in GW history. Not necessarily my favourite model, but in terms of what can be done with it, it's untouchable.

Brian said...

@ lil will. Thank you.

@ Skarvald. Perhaps you will feel better if afforded the opportunity to kick my forlorn Arrugginiti around the table for a spell...

@ OST. You are too kind. I confess the Nurgle Lord is my favorite as well.

@ Son of Dorn. Neither can I!?!! Ha.

@ Brent. At the very least, video calls to us. Perhaps we can push the boat a bit further in the interim? :O

@ Dark Templar. I have forgiven (ahem), but not forgotten, the ignoble treatment this poor fellow endured at the hands of your Blood Angels. It was not an auspicious beginning.

@ GoldenKaos. That is quite helpful, actually. I am always fearful that I am bounding around the internets here getting it utterly wrong and making something of a prat of myself.

@ Von. Absolutely.

HOTpanda said...

It appears that you once again had your Sunday Best on. I hope you don't mind me throwing you and your blog a shout out on my weekly themed top-x. Cheers and thanks for not only sharing but for inspiring me.