Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Alas and Alack!

You may have noticed an image or two floating about the interwebs: Fenrisian wolves, each caught like a photo frame in mid lunge so that, if one flipped quickly through them, the wolves might jauntily present an early-cinematic illusion of actual movement. ahem.

In a word…


I adore the new models and will find it difficult not to order 10 (or more, let’s be candid) of them.

All of which makes me feel a bit the fool –having only just finished these two humble, and now entirely obsolete, representations of Fenris’ lupine offerings. I must hurry to get these poor sods some glory on the tabletop before retiring them to the bookshelf.

I am also quite smitten with the Tundarvulfs, but have no need (yet) and too many other hobgoblins knocking on my door. Alas. They are wonderful models.

The real Blue on the pounce!



HOTpanda said...

When you buy the new lap dogs are you going to take "old Blue" out back and shoot him or are going to drive him up to a lonely mountain road and set him free?

The models look great, especially the black one with its superb blending from white to dark. I just want rub their belly and feed them a squig or two.

Dai said...

Even though I do not collect Space Wolves, I am considering purchasing at least one box of those lovely sculpts. They'd make great beastly critters for my Inquisimunda game.

Porky said...

The unridden wolves are the stars of the show for sure. The old plastic wolves are old friends now, just like the old boars, but the new dynamism is really something. Almost paradoxically beside that, the rest of the release feels for me very old, or silly in a pointless way, although the tervigon sac does seem a milestone in the miniature depiction of the Tyranids, maybe the biggest since the mid-'90s lictor.

Big Jim said...

The new Fenrisian Wolf sculpts are epically glorious! They will be mine, oh yes they will be mine!

These new models make me so happy it's not even funny. Their very realistic poses and anatomy is superb!

Brian said...

@ Panda. Bully rub is a favorite. We've yet to taste squig.

@ Deadestdai. I completely agree. I have only ever played them in killzone with a six model team, but will end up purchasing more than I need for the same reason.

@ Porks. Stars indeed. For me, it's that stop-motion camera effect that sells the whole line. I can't really explain it better... it's just the pure kinetic force of otherwise immobile little figurines that gets me somewhere deep.

@ Jim. Glorious indeed.