Friday, February 3, 2012

For the Love: Wizardry

I had one of those chats with Boyzilla the other day.

I am not always certain where he gets this stuff, one never can be I suppose: media, magazines, sesame street. Who knows.  …but in the middle of an entirely unrelated event he stopped, turned with an intensity that let me know this was a question of profound relevance, and asked “Daddy, what’s a wizard?”

He is two. Barely.

I suppose he has seen a picture of Gandalf floating about the place. White Dwarf one presumes? That explains part of it, but not entirely. It’s not like we read Professor Tolkien’s sleepytime book (also known as The Silmarillion) before naps.


I have rarely been more proud.

This collection of old wizardry was painted entirely for the love. As befitting the title, not one of these has ever seen the business end of tabletop glory. I expect none of them will.

Teclis, at the top there, is the oldest of the bunch -painted sometime in the late 80’s or perhaps early 90’s I think. I can generally gauge the relative date from the state of the base –like carbon dating but less interesting. I had absolutely no idea what to do with a base back then, so the matter was invariably left to fend for itself. From this vantage, that seems brutally unfair given the amount of work that went into every other aspect of the model. For the time, for me, this model was the very pinnacle of my ability. Indeed, there are quite a few tricks here that I genuinely do not believe I could repeat if I wanted.

…and some (looking at you, color scheme) I never would. Oh my.

The other two wizards were bashed out sometime in the early 00’s upon returning to the hobby after a 10+ year hiatus. I think what is remarkable here is exactly how much finesse and technique I lost in those years. Teclis is my favorite by far.

The mere thought makes me want to stop typing immediately and pick up a brush before I regress one inch further…


The Dark Templar said...

Fantastic post.

Indoctrinating your little ones as early as possible in the ways of fantasy/sci-fi can never be a bad thing (unless they end up LARPing of course).

Son of Dorn said...

So, how did you answer him? My son's second birthday is next month and I'm curious to see what he'll start talking about, any day now.

Elfen Stuff Up said...

I wonder what percentage of the old metal Teclis models have lost the top half of their staff at that exact point? Is that weird? I know mine has on multiple occasions.

Loquacious said...

My "Boyzilla" (who is now 18) was rolling dice with Dad before he could talk. Answering those questions and leaving the opportunity for wonder is essential and lovely.

Enjoy this time and the answers =)

Brian said...

@ Dark Templar. Indeed. I draw a line at LARP.

@ Son of Dorn. Unfortunately, his only other reference to magic comes from Sesame street, so we started there. It's a first step.

@ Elfen. I'm certain that they have all broken there. All. I only wish I knew where that part had gone to.

@ Lo. Cheers. 18 years seems a very long ways away, but then these last 2 took mere minutes.