Friday, March 16, 2012

AdeptiCon: Combat Patrol -an open letter to Brent

What follows is the second installment in a series of correspondence between my very good self, and Brent –or perhaps Not Brent; one can never be certain really. The first exciting installment appeared on BoLs of all places last week.

In brief, I have signed up to play in the Combat Patrol event at AdeptiCon this year, which will mark my first grand misadventure in “competitive gaming.”

I am, suffice to say, out of my depth.

I am tremendously nervous, not so much because I want to do well but moreso because I don’t want to make a complete prat of myself. The first installment of our correspondence was insightful, but raised as many questions as it answered -specifically with regard to lists that more competitive types like to call “legal.” Indeed.

And so, I turned to my old internet friendly-acquaintance Brent for some more guidance. Turns out, he’s a nationally ranked player. That’s a promising start. 

Well. The conversation is certainly evolving, but we should not confuse that with maturing.  Here’s part two, my first grand adventure in net-listing, a staple in any tournament diet, or so the internet would have me believe…


 Brent. It’s me, Brian. Again. Competitive event at AdeptiCon. My first. Perhaps, at this point, you will require some more salient details.

The event is Combat Patrol on what seems a promising and auspicious Saturday morning. For AdeptiCon, Combat Patrol runs at 400 points with a quirky force organization: 1-3 Troops, 0-1 each for HQ, Fast, Elites, and Heavy, with an additional “swing” spot for an extra choice in any of the aforementioned.  Link above.

I am playing Necrons (various WIP photos included herein).

Some have suggested that this choice is representative of a profound personal failing and is, put plainly, bad meta. The failings I can manage quite well, thankyouverymuch. Teach me about the Meta. What is meta? I mean, I know metafiction (stories about stories), metalanguage (grammar), metacognition (thinking about thought), and have some notion of metaphysics (not really)…

…but metagaming? I got nothing. Metacrons? That sounds interesting at least, but offers little by way of practical help. 

Maybe I should start, then, at the beginning (as one does) with some practical information: my potential lists. The first of three follows.

p.s. please excuse my “poor man’s” army builder. They haven’t released it yet for mac, so I make my own.

List 001: The Sepulcher Awakens

What I like:
This is… interesting. Originally, I had created a fluff-based list, but one which also seemed rather worthwhile by my way of thinking. I had to bin it because of a wound oversight and a Spyder. So I went back to the drawing board and considered how Wraiths (and the previously mentioned Spyders plus Scarabs) are the first to awaken from a deep, necrotic tomb-world slumber. With that in mind, I have tried to hold that fluffy center while constructing a list that, in this case, just found 400 points even –that is harder than it should be sometimes.

This is a pretty lean crowd, with two Troops slots and the ‘swing slot’ used for a duplicate Wraith terrors. While I was initially quite proud, I am no longer certain if this is the most well-rounded of the lists I imagined thus far. There are only 16 models here, yet the Wraiths are solid and I hope this represents quite a lot for my opponents to mangle when called upon to do so.

I suspect the Warriors are here to soak up wounds, fire, generally screen, and potentially land on an objective if able. In each list, I expect to use Gauss as the primary anti-tank option (it’s a poor one, I know, but there are few compelling options at this point level), and the proliferation of the weapon here seems to help my chances. We shall see.

This list, I might add, leans on the Wraiths to scratch open a modest AV11 tank here or there, which actually constitutes my most effective anti-tank gambit in any of my list solutions. Moreover, the Wraiths are around to bleed out Initiative in the inevitable close combat and, if possible, maybe even drop a Rend here or there.

What gives me pause:
Generally speaking, I am concerned that my inexperience will show early and often. This list, however, seems reasonably straightforward, reasonably unsurprising. I have some faith that I can use the Wraiths properly, but they are the only real trick in this small hand. Is there an obvious counter to the Wraith situation? Is this list too rote, too predictable, too vanilla?

More importantly, I am increasingly concerned that there is not enough of what makes Necrons the Necrons in this list. It reads too much like a close combat wannabe list rather that a Gauss-heavy list of doooom. Is there enough shooting here to see my poor quasi-dead through another millennium or three?


HOTpanda said...

Combat Patrol is a fun format when it comes to 40k. The restrictions placed on list building creates some unique opportunities to employ units that never would see the light of day. Army wide supporting HQs can also change the feel of an army. Case in point an Ork Big Mek with a Custom Force Field paired up with some Killa Kans. I highly recommend exploring the possibilities and dark recesses of the Necron Codex.

40kaddict said...

Brian I love the paintjob on your 'crons, truly awesome. Weathered and grungy but with that chipped enamel look from the likes of the CGI film Robots, very nice.

Incodentally the problem I have from reading about Combat Patrol is it sucks for 'nids. No 3 wound models? So that's warriors out of the way so the only thing you can have for synapse is Zoanthopes! And the rest of your force - gaunts, stealers and I think just the 'vores. So much for choice and/or nice fluffy list.

Big Jim said...

Well with the rules boning the majority of Necron vehicles, I cannot offer any useful help. Cause what I would want to take at 400 points is one of them tasty Annihilation barges.

I bet Brent will do you right!

Nathair said...

I love your rusty necrons! A tutorial on how to paint them would be the greatest thing since... since... well, nothing would be comparable to that!

Brian said...

@ Panda. Cheers mate. It's trickier than it seems.

@ Big Jim. haha. No worries. I've been avoiding the vehicles perhaps in the inverse measure to which you've embraced them. footcrons ftw.

@ Nathair. Absolutely. I'm still working out the kinks (each batch I paint tends to be a little different than the last), but I promise one in the very near future. Thanks for the kind words. Much obliged.

Brian said...

p.s. @ dwez. I feel your pain, brother. The restrictions really throw a spanner in the proverbial works.

Big Jim said...

I've embraced them for the extra firepower they bring plus I think the Annihilation barge looks kinda kool!

The Harrower said...

Unless the Combat Patrol Rules changed, you can't have model with a 3+ invulnerable so the Wraiths are out.

Brian said...

@ harrower. I just re-checked. AdeptiCon 2011 rules have a bit about 2+ invulnerable saves, but I don't see that or any mention of 3+ invulnerable saves for 2012 rules. I could be taking crazy pills, of course, but I think the Wraiths are back in. (fingers crossed).