Thursday, March 8, 2012

Special Operations Killzone: Explained -TOKENS

As stated previously, this series is designed to offer a peek behind the curtain, and to illuminate our collective thinking about the current state of Special Operations: Killzone as we run up to AdeptiCon.

If the new mission parameters were not enough to wet your proverbial whistle, alongside the aforementioned mission dynamic we have also required that each game involve three objective markers/tokens to be placed deliberately across mission theatre.

(Initially, we experimented with marker tokens scattering at random across the tabletop before the game began, but this was unnecessarily complicated and unhelpful at the end of the day.) Instead, we landed on specific pre-set positions for each token between the deployment zones for each team.

The catch, however, is that each token is numbered covertly, only to be revealed when gameplay circumstances demand. Now, only one of the six Primary Missions and three of the six Secondary Missions interact with the tokens at all, so there is an extraordinarily distinct possibility that these markers will not interact substantially with the game at all. But there is also a possibility that they might. And that is the kicker!

As mentioned, your opponent does not see your Secondary or Tertiary Mission cards until the end of the game. So! His team cannot know for certain if that trooper sliding up the flank is headed for a token (and the quick collection of 3 valuable mission points) or if he has another idea in his grimy, traitorous head. Do you respond, or do you leave him to his malignant business? And why is that maggot lingering within sprinting distance of an objective at the other end of the table?

If the current mission system is designed to stretch your resources, these tokens bring that thought to Special Operations maturity: the bluff, the double-buff, the counter-intelligence second guessing and general hand wringing from forces already stretched paper thin… well. This may seem immodest, but I love it.

The tokens pictured here (as well as the cards from last time) were designed, once more, by That Guy James. LEGEND. And these include more than just your mother's basic objective markers. Naturally, the set also includes the very popular "overwatch" token to mark those models waiting... patiently... for...

Playtesters! Behold! Your sets of these tokens are in the mail and should arrive imminently. For the rest of you, be sure to stop in on Monday to see how you can get your hands on a set or three for your own, personal perusal.


Son of Dorn said...

Slick. Can't wait to get a hold of them. All the folks I play with are burnt out on tournament play for the time being. Gonna have to get some Killzone going. :)

Dark Mechanicum said...

We are having our first Killzone games in a few weeks. There's about 5 of us meeting up for a Sunday afternoon. I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully get some cards and tokens beforehand :) I'm also going to use it as an excuse to paint up a new squad. Tau/ Marines or GK...I'm just not sure yet!

Monty said...

Impressive stuff!

HOTpanda said...

I have to wait for MONDAY for these as well. I could get captured by trappers over the weekend...never to see the light of day again or the cards/counters...MONDAY!!! LOL!!!

Mark said...

Playtesters? We could have been playtesters? Maaaaaan now I'm gonna have to go make my own tokens...

Big Jim said...

The markers/tokens are looking fantastic! I am sure glad you got rid of the phallic one! ;-)

Son of Dorn said...

Got my tokens in. Thanks a bunch! Can't wait to try them out :D

Brian said...

@ Son of Dorn. KZ is the perfect remedy for your gaming ills. As for tokens, glad they arrived in good order. I hope you enjoy them. More to follow!

@ Dark Mechanicum. Brilliant. I hope to have all of this material not only ready, but in your hands by then! Moreover, I hope and trust that you the system.

@ Monty. Cheers.

@ Panda. Monday. Not long now.

@ #2501. Yes. We were running all kinds of giveaways and stuff for helping iron out the kinks in December. Never worry. It will all be available for you come Monday!

@ Jim. yes. well. I try.

Pedro Kantor said...

Hey there, i signed up for the Killzone at adepticon, have yet to play, but made my first list and wondering if you could double check that its alright?

Team Leader
Assault Marine Sergeant 28
Power Weapon 15
Hit and Run 5
Resilient 5
Brawler 5
Total Cost 58

Assault Marine 18
Plasma Pistol 15
Hit and Run 5
Resilient 5
Brawler 5
Gun Fighter 10
Total Cost 58

Devastator 16
Plasma Canon 15
Resilient 15
Total Cost 36

Devastator 16
Heavy Bolter 5
Resilient 5
Total Cost 26

Tactical Marine Sergeant 26
Power Weapon 15
Resilient 5
Brawler 5
Total Cost 51

Tactical Marine 16
Flamer 3
Total Cost 19

Total Cost 248

Brian said...

@ Pedro Kantor. Thanks for checking in. Looking forward to meeting you at AdeptiCon.

The list here is almost there, but I have found a problem spot or two. Mostly, there are stacked Skill upgrades, when each model can only take one.

So, you'll have some points floating around. I might suggest that you use them to buy your team leader a refractor field. Mine rarely leave home without one.

The real issue might simply be the ruleset that you have. They went through a series of iterations rather quickly as we playtested in December, and you might have one that is a little outdated.

If you don't mind, would you email me and we can chat about it all a bit more? gentlemanones at g mail, etc.