Friday, April 27, 2012


Though not exactly Day of the Living Dead, there were certainly some wounded individuals shambling about the Westin come Sunday morning and early afternoon. The convention had taken its toll from the mortal husks of several thousand gaming enthusiasts, to be sure. Indeed. The energy at the Killzone tables was subdued compared to Friday’s frenzy, but that seemed the perfect pitch to round out a staggering weekend: gentle, cordial, and kind.

In sum, Sunday was a day of hellos and goodbyes. Skarvald said his farewells to the event telephonically, and secreted himself away in sunny Palatine Illinios –never making the event at all, ahem. Still, in his stead Elbrun made a cracking show of it on the day, and I greatly enjoyed talking shop and ideas for Killzone. I also got to meet Adam, the man behind the very, very cool Killzone Rosters. Tall Paul stopped with the Right and Honorable Referee Pitmann in order to have a gander at his handiwork. And Loquacious even popped round with the Dude for a quick chat -two absolutely ace individuals if I may say so. 

One final note: there’s been a wonderful response for the tables (thank you, one and all, for the kind words), and Sunday was a day of “goodbyes” also for seven of that bunch. There are, however, three tables leftover in my garage. They are for sale if anyone is at all interested. Just saying. 

Shorthanded as we were (looking at you, Skarvald), I wasn’t able to take as many pictures for this round, which is certainly an unintended shame. I’m certain by this point, however, that you get the idea. A highlight for me, I must say, that in order to complement the appearance of Gaunt’s Ghosts on Friday, the Last Chancers also deployed on Sunday. One good turn deserves another.

Names of Note from this round:
Most Cinematic: John Stentz
Wildest Theme: Ben Richardson
Player’s Choice: Jason Lewis
Special Operations Commander: Max Shuchard 
Ben's GK v the Last Chancers. Tremendous.

I'm foggy by this point. Elbrun, are these your puppies?

My greatest regret from the day that I didn't get a better shot of Adam's stupendously cool Sentinel conversion.

Many, many thanks to all the folks that made this year's event so wildly successful. The players on the weekend were legendary. I think it fair to say that the Chicago faction of the Killzone experience has stumbled away from the event physically exhausted but spiritually inspired. By dusk on Sunday evening, great plans were already taking shape. Great, great plans. Just wait until next year. oh baby.


Thursday, April 26, 2012


We served up three rounds of glory this weekend: two on Friday, one on Sunday. And let me just say, the second round of Killzone at AdeptiCon took a humble Friday evening and shook it upside down by its ankles. There was a line of people eager to play, and the ensuing action was fast, ferocious.


We saw our first ever “perfect game,” in which a Special Operations Team earned all 13 possible Mission Points –and then we saw it happen four more times before the round ended. Wow. Brutal. Though merciless, the atmosphere was both jovial and, at times, saucy. Dr. Gabe was administering medicine like the consummate career professional he is, and the masses responded in good cheer. Huzzah.  

The hobbiest in me celebrated when Gaunt’s Ghosts made an extraordinary and notable appearance; however, the creative Mr. Abnett was not on hand to script them out of a few dire jams. More’s the pity. My own models got a bit more time on the table, and Skarvald and I even got a moment to square off in a quick skirmish –affording yet another opportunity for me to get clubbed by my own models. Still Glorious. 


Names of Note from this round:
Most Cinematic: Dr. Gabe of Glory
Wildest Theme: Carl Gladys
Player’s Choice: Nick Bosler and Patrick Brynildenson (sp? Apologies. I am typing from memory)
Special Operations Commander: Merlin Havlik

The Ghosts finally find their home on the tabletop. Killzone Ho!

Paul's potent Harlequin troupe. One note to SOGs facing the Quins: Overwatch

The Ghosts get themselves in a pickle

The Wolves are a little jumpy in the Necron tomb

only to get pounded by Skarvald's deft use of my own Orks: harsh but fair.

Some stellar individuals in this shot -and you will be hearing much, much more from the fellow at bottom left in the reasonably near future. I promise.

Love this shot.

for another perspective, check out Dr. Gabe's writeup of the events...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The games opened in tremendous order. As far as these things go, I would say that the plan came together swimmingly, and I love it when a plan comes together. The players were keen and the tables were minty fresh. In all, the perfect start to an extraordinarily wild day. 

On the hobby front, we sold out of tokens and the 54-card decks immediately and completely. Moreover, we plowed straight through the more modest set, leaving only a few left for the slow and sundry for sunday. Had I known. Had I known. All this is to say that the response and enthusiasm for the event far surpassed my already ambitious expectations. I promised to bring a better game and more lustrous tables, and the Killzone supporters brought their good taste and eager disposition in spades.

As for the games, the inaugural event of the convention put some tremendous matchups to proof… but enough from me. Let’s let the photos do the talking (besides, I’m still utterly exhausted from the weekend). I was so intensely busy on the day that I was unable to cover the armies thoroughly, but still... these should give a decent sense of the carnage and mayhem.

Names of Note from this round:
Most Cinematic: Seth LaClair
Wildest Theme: Colin Graham (och aye tha noo!)
Player’s Choice: Eric Brose
Special Operations Commander: Eric Hagen

Full Borer v Merlin with Dr Gabe and Carl showing how gentlemen square off: "pistols at dawn, sir." 

Chris Borer's 1989 Lamenters were, by all accounts, "old enough to drink."

Carl's Sacrilegious Iron Warrior Horde


classic SW v DA matchup on a Necron Tomb World. Glorious. Poor Eric's DA had a rough go of it.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


First things first: IrNot137 is a legend. Brilliant. In a wild fit of generosity and gaming savvy, he has re-worked the Killzone Roster, which you can find here. He has been tremendously on the spot with this and responded to all input with immediacy and good taste. What more could a gentleman ask for?

Second things second: Tables. I have a few shots of the “naked” tables as they appeared Thursday night –that is, without the additional scenery on the trenches, drop pods in the cityscape, explosions, and the like.

WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THEM IN THE FINISHED STATE. I promised to bring something bigger, better, more glorious: 10 tables, 5 pairs of two tables each, completely different themes for each pair, unique missions for each table, custom tokens, custom cards, custom glory. Here is a sequence of photos to make you believe.   

This must be brief. I am piggy-backing on the internet and letting the caffeine percolate into my bloodstream before heading down to Combat Patrol for my first ever competitive event. I have, however, a ton of photos and will soon revisit (by request) the making of the tables, the events themselves, and naturally my misadventures in the shallow end of the competitive gaming pool.  

p.s. the first two marathon events have come off blindingly well. Just Glorious. Really. Extraordinary. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Killzone Roster: UPDATED v2 and AdeptiCon Tables (2)

One absolutely blinding “Thank you” to IrNot1337 for salvaging what was otherwise a calamitous failure on my part. Wonderful fellow, that IrNot1337. Seemingly from nowhere, he just dropped in earlier this week and fixed everything that was wrong with my first attempt.

Life should always work like this.

So. The Killzone Roster is back up. Follow this link for the good news. This version is editable, calculates your points for you. There is space for just about everything that I can think of. It might even make you a coffee if you ask nicely.

IrNot1337 has, in his extraordinary kindness, mentioned that he could revise if necessary, so by all means, offer what feedback you are able.

Thank you, Adam.

As for those tables, I’ve not been posting on them much in the run-up, mostly because I’ve been in the garage working on them. Between work, family, Combat Patrol, Sleep, and the odd bit of nourishment, there’s been little else but tables tables tables. I had a dream about tables last night.

I will have a genuine, completed series of photos (these are from a few weeks back) of the ten tables tomorrow, but I wanted to make a quick note that these tables will be for sale at the event. You could easily take one home in your trunk. They are built to last. They are reasonably priced. Killzone Glory. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

AdeptiCon: Combat Patrol -a final word on net-list nonsense

After all the bread and circus, I am feeling much, much better about all this net-list nonsense. Before this conversation began, I had a very distinct and misguided impression that tournament environments must revolve  around the list one brought, and that competitive types (all of them) would quite capably tell me the outcome of any game based purely on a perusal of the lists coming to the table.

That is what internet wisdom had me believing any way ...and this had me tremendously worried. I wanted to participate, but did not want to be a laughing stock.

And then Brent stepped in to crush those misconceptions -with manners, good taste, and breeding I might add. But he wasn’t alone. Wyatt, another top tier player and ace individual, has offered some really quite formidable, practical, and genuine advice (which I’ll share once I’ve asked him permission to do so).

In sum, here is what I have gathered about list creation:
1. in the run-up to the event, one should play with everything that one has as much as possible (in my case this is only six games and a small proportion of proxy models).  

2. Pick and play whatever –absolutely whatever- makes you happiest.

3. …and whatever you actually have painted.

And there it is. Net lists and internet wisdom be damned. All that worry for basically nothing more than what I have always/already been doing anyway. I am tremendously relieved and once more looking forward to the event in equal proportion to my earlier reservations

So here is the Combat Patrol that I will be fielding on the day, accompanied by a few WIP photos of the Wraith prototype.  

5 Warriors
5 Immortals
3 Destroyers
3 Wraiths (2 whip coils and 1 particle caster)

400 points.

I still have some painting to do on this lot, but everything is pretty much in place. I’ll call it 75% done. With mere days to AdeptiCon, that seems almost manageable. As for the Wraith, I was inspired by another blogger for this conversion but, in the mix, I have misplaced the reference. I would like to give credit where it is due, so if anyone can direct me to my lost inspirational post, I would be greatly appreciated. 

inspired by DFG, but sadly not allowed in combat patrol. sniff.

I have also been generally, necronly inspired by the good chaps at Dark Future Games -who, by the way, are holding a cracking giveaway-contest-slash-boozefest. Go get 'em fellas.

Now back to building tables.