Thursday, April 26, 2012


We served up three rounds of glory this weekend: two on Friday, one on Sunday. And let me just say, the second round of Killzone at AdeptiCon took a humble Friday evening and shook it upside down by its ankles. There was a line of people eager to play, and the ensuing action was fast, ferocious.


We saw our first ever “perfect game,” in which a Special Operations Team earned all 13 possible Mission Points –and then we saw it happen four more times before the round ended. Wow. Brutal. Though merciless, the atmosphere was both jovial and, at times, saucy. Dr. Gabe was administering medicine like the consummate career professional he is, and the masses responded in good cheer. Huzzah.  

The hobbiest in me celebrated when Gaunt’s Ghosts made an extraordinary and notable appearance; however, the creative Mr. Abnett was not on hand to script them out of a few dire jams. More’s the pity. My own models got a bit more time on the table, and Skarvald and I even got a moment to square off in a quick skirmish –affording yet another opportunity for me to get clubbed by my own models. Still Glorious. 


Names of Note from this round:
Most Cinematic: Dr. Gabe of Glory
Wildest Theme: Carl Gladys
Player’s Choice: Nick Bosler and Patrick Brynildenson (sp? Apologies. I am typing from memory)
Special Operations Commander: Merlin Havlik

The Ghosts finally find their home on the tabletop. Killzone Ho!

Paul's potent Harlequin troupe. One note to SOGs facing the Quins: Overwatch

The Ghosts get themselves in a pickle

The Wolves are a little jumpy in the Necron tomb

only to get pounded by Skarvald's deft use of my own Orks: harsh but fair.

Some stellar individuals in this shot -and you will be hearing much, much more from the fellow at bottom left in the reasonably near future. I promise.

Love this shot.

for another perspective, check out Dr. Gabe's writeup of the events...

4 comments: said...

Brian, I'm glad I got the chance to witness the epic event that is Killzone at Adepticon. Troy and I will be putting the tables we picked up to good use this weekend as we introduce some more of this fantastic game to some of our group. Can't wait to play game after game on these awe-inspiring works of hobby art you have created.

Dai said...

Wow, these pics are fantastic! Great terrain, well painted minis - so descriptive of what looked like a sweet day of gaming. Congrats!

Admiral Drax said...

Wow - these pics are stunning: great work there, matey!

Brian said...

@ Ty. I could not have scripted a happier home for those tables. Send photos. Absolutely tremendous seeing you and Troy again this year. I've got a lot of good will to build before GenCon...

@ Dai. Cheers. I think one of the best parts of Killzone is that the game size allows for hobbiests to do what they do. The armies this year certainly showed the effort and attention offered by smaller organizations.

@ Admiral. Thank you kindly.