Monday, April 9, 2012

AdeptiCon: SO Killzone Prize Support

Busy times.  Busy, busy times.

This year, Special Operations: Killzone is extraordinarily pleased to present a formidable bit of bounty for those often anonymous, brave, and vigilant (but otherwise anonymous) Killzone operatives. We are talking about prize support –and plenty of it.

There are four categories in which one might earn an extra bit of something-something at each event this year.

MOST CINEMATIC: Appropriately, this prize rewards the first half of the hobby-centric Killzone considerations with our equivalent of the best-painted award. Chris Borer, legend that he is, has kindly provided his unique, original Artillerist model (for a better glimpse of this mini, crack open the most recent White Dwarf, turn to page 119, and then behold the Golden Daemon of Glory!). This figure was initially designed as Chris’s contribution to the Heroes of Armageddon project, and we are pleased to be the first to announce his release to the public. Talk about cinematic. This character absolutely oozes a stoical menace. Brilliant. In my mind, he is an ideal Special Operations commander -calmly calculating while ice churns through his veins. (For those unable to attend, Chris has kindly made this model available to the greater public).

WILDEST THEME: As the second half of the hobby awards, this prize goes to the most engaging and evocative conversions, themes, and characterful Operations Groups. Distinct from “best-painted,” here we are looking for the most ambitious conceptual approach to your intrepid force. Once more, Chris Borer has shone his brilliance upon the world of Special Operations, this time with a set of the tokens specially designed for AdeptiCon, as you will see with the clever variations on the AdeptiCon logo. Killzone will be using custom painted sets of these tokens (this wip shot is the best I have at the moment, apologies) as the numbered markers for our events, and we are absolutely gagging for the opportunity to see these on the tabletop. You will, I should mention, be able to purchase a set of these for yourself (while supplies last) at the registration desk… or you could just win this award, whichever.

PLAYER’S CHOICE: self explanatory, really, this award will go to your favorite opponent on the day. These will be tallied across the entire sequence of missions. For his (or her) appropriately congenial disposition, one which I am confident fully embraces the Killzone ethic, the player of choice will be rewarded with a gift certificate redeemable for goods and/or services. Personally, the gift card would last mere seconds in my eager hands. More plastic please.  

TOP SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMANDER: Naturally, this prize will be awarded to the commander with the highest tally of Mission Points across all of his/her games for the event –because winning is also sometimes important as well. The top commander will be rewarded with the Full Monty set of tokens and cards.

There you have it, commanders. That is what is at stake. Get working.


Son of Dorn said...

Still have those cards/tokens on hold for me?

wright_dm said...

Awesome! Did the second batch of the full Monty ship today? I'm so looking forward to them showing up!

Brian said...

@ Dorn. Absolutely.

@ wrigtht_dm. Indeed they did. Second batch shipped today, which brings us entirely up to date with all orders. If anyone didn't get their cards and tokens yet, they'll be on the doorstep in a matter of days.

warhead01 said...

+1 on the set of cards and tokens! are they still available? and is paypall accepted?

Brian said...

@ warhead01. Just got a new set of cards in and expect the tokens any day now.