Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Killzone Roster: UPDATED v2 and AdeptiCon Tables (2)

One absolutely blinding “Thank you” to IrNot1337 for salvaging what was otherwise a calamitous failure on my part. Wonderful fellow, that IrNot1337. Seemingly from nowhere, he just dropped in earlier this week and fixed everything that was wrong with my first attempt.

Life should always work like this.

So. The Killzone Roster is back up. Follow this link for the good news. This version is editable, calculates your points for you. There is space for just about everything that I can think of. It might even make you a coffee if you ask nicely.

IrNot1337 has, in his extraordinary kindness, mentioned that he could revise if necessary, so by all means, offer what feedback you are able.

Thank you, Adam.

As for those tables, I’ve not been posting on them much in the run-up, mostly because I’ve been in the garage working on them. Between work, family, Combat Patrol, Sleep, and the odd bit of nourishment, there’s been little else but tables tables tables. I had a dream about tables last night.

I will have a genuine, completed series of photos (these are from a few weeks back) of the ten tables tomorrow, but I wanted to make a quick note that these tables will be for sale at the event. You could easily take one home in your trunk. They are built to last. They are reasonably priced. Killzone Glory. 


John Stiening said...

These look great, and they do look easier to transport than the old Storm Wardens table. Do you know if the SW table ever made it into any battle reports? I'd love to see a battle played out on it.

Good luck at AdeptiCon this year!

steinerp said...

Tables looks real nice. Not sure what the white spires on the brown board are supposed to be but I'm sure I'll find in a couple days.

The rosters look nice too. Fairly similar to what I ended up creating. I like your addition of notes at the end for mission information, I'll need to make room for that. One thing I would add is some sort of descriptive element to the roster sheet. I've added pictures to mine and found that for lists with multiple similar models (such as the one shown here) it is very helpful when picking model specific mission objectives.

IrNot1337 said...

I just tried working with the form this morning (entering my own list) and it has a few bugs to be worked out. Currently the theme selection button does not display properly, and all of the summary information in mission notes is hidden.

I also plan to change the WS-Sv categories to drop down boxes, so it doesn't have to be manually typed.

Also noticed that Initiative and Attacks are missing from the Walker.

Plus some other misc touch ups such as fields not being large enough and cutting off text.

Oh and adding in auto-calculated Killpoints.

@steinerp - Will try to put in another descriptive area on the form, each items is already fairly crowded so I don't think I can make pictures fit (like on your form) though that is a really cool touch.

Will have V.3 sometime this afternoon.

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Thank you so much, IrNot1337! What a great idea.

@Brian: OH WOW I GOT SCARED FOR A SECOND. It took me a minute to realize that these pictures are a few weeks old. I was like "Wait. WHAT happened to all the progress we made?!?!!!" Hew. Almost gave me a heart attack, man!

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

@steinerp: I really like the picture idea, but like IrNot1337 it's kind of crowded. Maybe have the option on the BACK of the card? Kind of like in the middle of the icons? That would be cool, I guess. Could potentially allow for players to initially play with the rules of their models face down until the model has been interacted with (i.e is being shot at, is using special gear or ability, is taking a stat test). Adds to the secrecy and trickery aspect of the game.

@IrNot1337: Auto-calculated Killpoints WOULD BE AMAZING.

Extra: Would it be possible to make the Special Issue, Limited Issue and Standard Issue as drop-down boxes kind of like the Skills?

Also.. iPhone/Droid App? XD

steinerp said...

I thought about pictures on the back but that would have required taking better pictures rather than just cropping most of those from a single file I happened to have. :) And figure out how to line them up. This isn't hard but since I was just toying around to start I cut corners to start and did it in Word instead of a useful program like Indesign.

A descriptive line is really all you need. I also opted for a larger font which could be reduced.

IrNot1337 said...

@Skarvald - The reason special issue etc. are not currently dropdown is the rules for Killzone are currently unclear whether a model take more than 1 piece of special/limited/standard wargear? If so, the dropdown box gets very complicated.

@Steinerp - I will add another text box to the form. I noticed that myself, after looking at yours, currently you can insert a character name or model type but not both.

Anyone know if a themed list can still take a walker? I assume yes, but it's not explicitly clear due to wording "The entire team must adhere to that theme."
Does this mean no walker since it is not a Calvary/Bike in a Swift as the Wind list?

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

D; Unclear you say?! Lemme double-check on that.. Lemme clarify:
Skills - only 1 per model, unlimited per team, can repeat.
All Gear - an Operative can have more than 1 piece of special/limited/standard wargear, as long as he doesn't have more than 25 pts. of skills and gear combined.

Theme lists cannot have a Walker as the Walker has to meet all requirements as well.

DrGabe said...

You sir are indeed 1337.
Thanks so much for creating and posting this. Expect to see this Friday! Can't wait to play on these tables...

If you need any help setting up, just let me know. I'll be around starting Thursday afternoon.

rcketscientst said...

@IrNot1337: And there was much rejoicing. Well done indeed.

A few comments, nothing unworkable-

The Sv doesn't allow for "++" or anyway to list armour/invul saves.

The stat boxes do not allow for listing unmodified stat/modified stat. More room maybe?

A nit. The stat boxes default to having a dash in them, requiring deletion or it takes up a character.

Any way to save the filled in forms other than as a print file?

@Brian: Rocket science isn't so bad, try working with Congress....

The tables look great. Good luck with combat patrol.

IrNot1337 said...

Working on the form this afternoon. So far have made all of the attributes dropdown boxes. Included all possible save variations from -(No Save) to -/6++, and 2+ thru 6+/6++.
Fixed missing walker stats.
Will add second description box and special item dropdown boxes tonight.

Big Jim said...

The tables are looking excellent! Are the roofs made out of hardboard and wood moldings for cabinets? If they are get outta my head I had that idea back in Jan, but have not had the funds to make it a reality. :-P

IrNot1337 said...

E-mail is about to go out on V3 of the form. All changes requested have been made. I feel pretty satisfied with it.

Only thing it currently doesn't do is total points spent on Skills and Equipment and Checkboxes have to be manually clicked even if you select Bike/Cav etc. (Maybe Next Year)

Everything that can be dropdown is, allowing all types of Saves (inlcuding invuln) and allowed Toughnesses (including boosted toughness) and for some reason Ld 1, which I forgot to take out.

Hope everyone is pleased with this version as it now matches the up to date version number of killzone.