Friday, April 13, 2012

SO:KZ ROSTER (updated)

++UPDATE: FAIL. gah. HUBRIS. again. The document has been converted into utterly nonsensical formatting. The best version of the Killzone Roster is still THIS PDF -though you will not be able to type into it directly. Perhaps has anyone had luck converting the downloaded pdf into workable word document? I am at a loss with this stuff. Read onward for irony. +++ 

I am the man that technology forgot. I mean that genuinely. Email is a minor miracle, and I feel "rocket science" an appropriate designation for most mundane computer tasks -this post for example, astonishing.

So despite that my technical “skills” leave much to be desired, I managed to tinker a bit and to transform the Special Operations: Killzone Roster into a word document –which means that you no longer have to fill it out by hand exactly, though you will still have to enter each parameter on your own gumption (by finger?).

I would love, someday, to have a more automated mechanism/program but I’ll likely land on the moon before that happens.

Of course, there is one modest improvement to this version. I have also included a slot to record the total Kill Points in your Special Operations Group, a number that comes in reasonably handy more often than I initially realized.

And there you have it. Enjoy.

And now for a shot of my current favorite SOG as it gets unceremoniously pummeled by my second favorite SOG –though in the hands of FrozenJoe. Glorious.

p.s. I was recently asked if these rosters were compulsory for the Killzone events at AdeptiCon. The simple answer is no …but I do suggest that you have some manner of roster to hand not only for your own convenience, but also so that your opponent can have a gander if inclined.


Son of Dorn said...

You should have a pending email from me, Brian. :)

And have you condsidered using a spreadsheet?

The Dark Templar said...

Hey Brian,
You can turn PDF files into editable and saveable forms using Acrobat Pro.

Brian said...

@ Son of Dorn. Apologies mate. I've been utterly slammed. I will respond at length once I get a proper space to have a wheeze.

@ Dark Templar. I am so thoroughly a Luddite that I'm not even sure I can follow your simple suggestion. It's shameful. Really.

IrNot1337 said...

Brian, I've been a long time fan of Killzone and lurking on your blog for quite some time. I have a copy of Acrobat Pro and am working on making a form of your PDF that has fillable forms and does math and rules verification.

I'm trying to get it done before the end of the night and will then e-mail it to you.

IrNot1337 said...

Just sent you the second version of the form. Put a bit more work into it to get Force Composition details in the summary location.

Brian said...

@ IrNot1337. !!! Tremendous! Thank you. This is amazing news. Apologies for the delayed response. I've been in the garage and away from the computer is a desperate scramble to finish these tables. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Amazing.