Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Everything New

There are generous servings of change to be found here, there, and everywhere…

1. You may have noticed the cracking new banner above, kindly provided by the staggering talent of That GuyJames –wot. wot.

2. GW has binned all of its old paints and heaved a truckload of new ones our direction …which Vlad and I immediately pressed into service for his Khador Warjacks (it seems so wrong but felt so right). Check out Skarvald’s very thorough, very illuminating description of the events here.

I have been experimenting with the new mixes, washes, and whatnot and come away with a distinctly positive impression. My old recipes were getting a little... old anyway. Time to make them new. There is a lot to work with to be sure.

3. That really just scratches the surface of all the newness coming our (your) way. Big. Big. Projects in the pipeline. Huge.

4. oh, and Sixth Edition looms.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Killzone: Orks v. Space Wolves

These are some photos taken from one of the supremely illuminating games that occurred during Killzone v3.0’s rigorous playtest phase. Here, we were specifically testing the relative value of an Armored Might theme and the potential hazards this might prove for the dynamic.

As evidenced by these games, we needn’t have worried. The Wolves got hammered. Hard.

Frozencore Joe, this time, kindly took the mantle of my Orks and let the Kan demonstrate why well-rounded, all-comer Teams are best in this game. I simply couldn’t kill that Kan. Invariably, we have found that going “all in” with this kind of themed dynamic opens up some serious flaws that are really quite easily exploitable for the observant enemy commander.

…But never mind all that. Perhaps the “best” thing about getting trounced by one’s own models is that very small feeling of victory still available to the opportunistic/optimistic gamer. After all, my models still won the game –ahem- right?

This scenario repeated itself during AdeptiCon, when between sessions Skarvald was kind enough to use these same Orks to hand my Wolves another kicking

At least the models look spiffing enough. Apart from that, those poor wolves have had a tough run of it.  

Friday, May 25, 2012

Killzone: Iron Warriors SOG

Continuing the conversation from last post. Nearly a year and a half ago, I started a small gaggle of Iron Warriors for Special Operations purposes in order to scratch that particular hobby itch. I wanted each model in the team to be distinctly OOP and particularly full of the warm, glowing, warming glow that those old sculpts offer.

Of course, this was slightly controversial decision -not for the OOP nature of the project, but rather because (as longtime readers will know) the Iron Warriors are one and only army that my favorite frienemy, Referee Pitmann, has enjoyed for nearly 12 years now. How many of us can say that? He has only ever collected and played Iron Warriors in his entire 40K career.


Perhaps unwittingly working from the time-tested motto “if you can’t beat them join them,” I actually slapped these bad boys together almost a long while ago… and they have only just now made it on to the pages of A Gentleman’s Ones (you might be surprised to hear how many other projects remain untouched on this site). There’s been a lot going on and only so much time to post. So, in slower hobby moments, here we are.

I absolutely must offer a very warm a specific “thank you” to Derina, who quite kindly donated most of these models. Thank you.

The Heavy Bolter marine is my favorite, and therefore the Team Leader of the bunch –that’s how it works with me, practical considerations be damned.

I’m not sure what to make of the fellow in the back right –that gun is just weird, really weird. Certainly, he is not Berzerker as the helmet might suggest but rather from a time in which the aesthetic of these things remained wondrously in flux. Perhaps that is part of my attraction to these models now… how peculiar and raw they seem. I don’t know. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WIP Killzone: Lost and Damned SOG

I already shared a few pictures of these fellows in the promotion for Cards and Tokens * (of which there are a few, very few, left. Act now). The keen observer might have noticed. Still, with the run up to a Chaotic New Codex and with rumors of Allies and Traitor Guard floating through the interwebs, I felt compelled to revisit these fledgling psycopaths.

Pictured here is the beginning of a Traitor Guard Special Operations Group for Killzone –which remains the very, very best way to indulge absolutely any and every hobby gumption one has.

Roughly 15 models. 2 Rough Riders. Some quirky but simple conversions. Done and Done. My Traitor Guard hobby itch has been sufficiently scratched.

…and if/when the new Chaos Codex prods me for more, well then I have a fine foundation upon which to build.


* I had meant to ship a batch of these earlier in the week, though this was impossible. Instead, ANY and ALL orders will be shipped by Saturday. If you'd like to get in on the action, be certain to do so by then... 


Monday, May 21, 2012

State of the Blog: Housekeeping

If the previous post was titled "the basement of death," this post might easily be identified as "the top floor of despair." It's a harsh but fair assessment. 

A funny thing happened on my way to the blogosphere in the week running up to AdeptiCon –a singular event that resonates even today. Because when it rains, it pours…

The goodly wife, family, and I are in midst of a tremendous slow-motion upheaval. We put our home up for sale (fingers crossed) in the week just preceding AdeptiCon, which means that my hobby space undergone some astonishingly dramatic “revisions.” Under the appropriate notion that an entire room of plastic clutter and nerditry might not improve the chances of a timely sale (except to an improbably focused demographic), I have necessarily gutted my hobby space. It hurts. Badly. But if there’s a reward at the end of this, well…

The timing, of course, could not possibly have been more calamitous and I am only now just making headway in re-establishing a home base nerd space.

What’s worse, in the shuffle of material I must have crossed a wire or two and utterly panned our internet at the house. We are not amused. Uffa!

Like the hobby space, we have slowly brought ourselves back to some functioning internet services at the homestead, but if the posts here seem rather intermittent lately… well now you know why.

Worse yet, we will not officially move until the end of August. Slow motion moving nightmare. The Horror. The Horror.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Basement of Death

AdeptiCon happened. You may have heard.

Since those entirely too fleeting moments of pure hobby stupendousness, I have been working hard to stitch my real life back together and to find new avenues and outlets for all that hobby mojo. it can be a struggle at times, to be candid. While I have a several extraordinarily exciting projects heating on the burner (patience, I’ll discuss each of these in turn when the moment is right), I must confess that I am also struggling to find direction in my personal-recreational hobby frontier. After all that focus, exertion, stress, and general hard work it seems that I have a 3’x3’ table-sized hole in my hobby, and it was bittersweet to say goodbye to those monsters…

Where are they now those tables? Well, three of them are here… in The Basement of Death. How about that for a title. And I must confess that it warms me tremendously to see them in action! Oh glorious action!

What an extraordinary setup. Thank you, Troy, for the very kind support. I cannot imagine a better home for the tables. It gives me quite a lot of satisfaction to know that they are being enjoyed to their full potential. Absolute class.


Monday, May 14, 2012

For the Love: Plasma Pistol random

Just a small break from the otherwise unflinching stream of Killzone and AdeptiCon glory here on A Gentleman’s Ones with the return of my favorite hobby indulgence –the painting of random miniatures simply for the love.

Today, we have this plasma pistol-wielding unfortunate, who (I readily imagine) is portrayed here the merest instant before the brilliant, horrific, and very, very warm end of this shabby existence. In truth, I think he is a figure from the Necromunda range but, when I found him amidst clutter during a recent “reorganization,” I felt compelled finally to paint him. These randoms can be quite refreshing and a fine way to rediscover hobby mojo when I am feeling a bit depleted.

In sum, that painting was really a slap-dash affair. I do not intend to use this figure ever, so felt no problem using him to experiment with a cheap and cheerful leather recipe that I have flirted with for some time. His boots and belt and Scorched Brown with exactly one highlight of Dark Flesh followed by a Purple wash and then a diluted Black wash. The effect has some merit.

Less convincingly, I also experimented with pushing my black recipe toward the dark blue range but, as suggested, I found this result much less rewarding than either working toward an honest blue tone.

++Don’t forget that there are a limited supply of tokens and cards left… but they are going rather quickly.++

Wednesday, May 9, 2012



The Cards and Tokens made a much, much bigger splash in this little pond than we could ever have anticipated

The continued response has been so enthusiastic that we have ordered a second (and final) round of these gaming supplements for your hobby glory. These are already going rather quickly, so if you are inclined please don’t wait. When these last sets go, they will be gone for good.

The tokens and the cards have brought an immeasurably cool dynamic to our Special Operations: Killzone games. From the outset, our goal was to produce something rather unique and ambitiously professional to the table with this endeavor. From the rules, to the treatment of the codex, to the AdeptiCon events themselves, we have worked incredibly hard to ensure that the product was aesthetically and substantially top tier material. Both the Tokens and the Cards are indicative of that level of commitment. Full stop. They are beautiful. And fun. 

And now we can share it all with you, all of you …though it merits mention that you need not actually own or use these tokens nor these cards for Killzone if you don’t want. For my part, I am quite simply addicted, and finding all manner of useful purposes for them.

I’m running out of superlatives.

Here’s what you can get…

OPTION 1 - The Full Token Set: $12.50
5 Overwatch tokens (with reversible target marker on the back) +
3 Objective Markers, numbered 1-3 (as above) +
3 Markers, each of which features an image that mirrors the “suits” we have created for the SO: Killzone decks. Extremely cool.

OPTION 2 - The Full Operative Set = $17.50
54-card deck + custom Tuckbox: this set has it all. All the Primary Mission Cards appear in triplicate, but with several cards offering an alternative deployment for the mission as well as several special cards representative of the Night Fight dynamic (who says Special Operations should happen in broad daylight?). Likewise, the Secondary and Tertiary Missions repeat, so that players might conceivably (and unknown to the opponent) draw the same Secondary or Tertiary Mission (tremendous fun). Finally, the Fate set includes two bonus results not included in the rulebook. With this set, you are covered.

OPTION 3 - The Full Monty: Full Token and Operative Card sets = $27.50

Please include $5 shipping for all orders in the US (lower 48), and $10 shipping for all orders outside the US. This additional cost only needs to be added once per order no matter how many items you order (if you would like to place a combined order with a friend, for example).  

At this time, I am only able to accept PayPal to the following address: gentlemanones (at) g mail (dot) com.

Get yours now. Thank you in advance for your support!

Stay frosty.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Last post, I opened my modest foray into the world of competitive gaming. I started with a loss, but it was perhaps the most engaging, entertaining, and otherwise enjoyable loss one might imagine. I must admit to a small feeling of surprise at this… but I was having fun. Genuine fun. Tremendous fun.

Here’s how the rest of the morning played out.

Kevin W. Grey Knights. I really liked this list with x1 Interceptor squad, x2 regular GK squads. The models were beautiful.
Primary Objective: Control Objectives that arrive from deepstrike
Secondary Objective: Scoring units into enemy Deployment zones

This game was one of those “quirky” missions that ended up winning the game for me. The dynamic was rather cool, in my opinion (so much so that I’d like to try and work this into some other gaming interests –cough killzone cough- I’ll not mention in this post), but it allowed for a peculiar kind of realignment in the game. Each player got a single objective marker that dropped from reserves as any other normal unit would –scattering, mishaps, and all.

On turn two, my opponent’s objective scattered wildly 11 inches into the warp and was never to be seen again. On turn three, my objective arrived and actually scattered a couple inches closer to my last scoring unit than intended. This was decidedly unfair. Moreover, fate made this the shortest round of the event, so we only finished three full turns. That’s harsh.

As far as the gameplay went, Kevin’s Interceptors slid across the table and started to make serious problems for my Destroyers, then my Immortals. He was chewing through my army at a tremendous clip –nearly one unit per turn- which made that mission quirk feel a bit sleazy. I was losing on the merits of the game.

Kevin’s response? “Screw it. I came here to play games and have fun.” The internet never told me that people this cool would be at a competitive event.

Talk about a class act.

Final Tally: 14-2 Victory (of a sorts)

One note on that victory: much in the same way my initial loss felt ultimately irrelevant to the fun I was having, the victory washed away under similar sentiments. Though I had, by all measures, come here with declared hope of winning one game, now that I had the matter seemed decidedly inconsequential. What Kevin said: screw it. I came here to play games and have fun. Amen.  

Eric J. Space Wolves homebrew: x2 squads in Razorbacks, x1 Devestator squad. I didn’t get any photos of this game despite the fact that his models were superbly colored in a grim gold and black combination. I have always wondered how players (and I see this all the time in tournament reports) could somehow “forget” to take photos of one match or another. Previously, I would read that kind of comment with some scratching of my chin. No longer. Now I know how utterly cumbersome and obtrusive the camera can be during the intensity of gameplay.  
Primary Mission: Assassinate the opponent’s team leader.
Secondary: Control terrain pieces.

Funnily enough, I “knew” from the outset that I would face this opponent …and even from the outset it had me worried. Before pairings were announced, Eric was sitting across the table from where I had my stuff and he looked extraordinarily intense, focused as he was on the missions and the packet. And his Razorbacks looked mean, with Devestators in the margins. I was admittedly relieved when we were assigned different tables, only because I believed sincerely that I would be on the receiving end of an absolute shoeing from this man. He looked like a very serious individual.

(lo) I arrived at the table for round three to find Eric my opponent. I trembled a little inside. (and behold) Eric‘s first words after I had dumped my oddly large collection of gear on the corner, and after a very kindly, cordial introduction, were a smiling “I’ve never played against Necrons before. This should be interesting.” Turns out, he’s an extraordinarily pleasant chap. Funny that. I am so constantly reminded not to judge a book by its cover.

At the end of the day, I won this game for two simple reasons:
1) as mentioned, Eric had never faced Necrons before and I think we was both surprised and a bit vexed by the manner in which the whipcoil Wraiths ate up his commander, with the initiative-killing coils and Rending USR (with 4 attacks each on the charge and S6, they strangled smaller squads unceremoniously). To be fair, I thought this matchup would be suitable, as my team leader was one of the Wraiths. When I postured the Wraiths to intercept his advancing leader, I thought we understood that there would be a canis-a-necro reckoning of commanders. Apparently, he was surprised.

2) The missions themselves. Eric spent a significant amount of time trying to shoot my Immortals off their (secondary) objective. And indeed, this earned him an interesting moment in the final turn when those Immortals, after weathering truly shocking amounts of fire, finally broke and fled –which in turn swung the secondary mission points almost entirely in his direction. Alas. It was too little too late to compensate for what my Wraiths had already done. 

I think a bit more experience versus Necrons and a measure more focus on the primary (rather than secondary) mission might have significantly changed the nature of this report. 

Final Tally: 14-10 Victory

Shawn A. Grey Knights: x2 squads with variety of GK weaponry, x2 Razorbacks with Psybolt Gatlings of doom. Until this point, I was unaware that Grey Knights were something like ubiquitous on the weekend. All I could see were Shawn’s beautifully painted figures (and I will be stealing his idea for the power and force weaponry for my own Book Wardens). Wondrous.  
Primary Objective: Control Objectives
Secondary Objective: Kill Points

I got hammered on this one. The Razorbacks did what they were meant to, certainly. Shawn himself suggested that there was no good reason to get out of those Razors unless absolutely necessary. Sounded pragmatic to me, but I asked him to politely do so anyway, if not then at least to fail an armor save here or there. The Razors shot me up pretty well as I approached the Objectives. Shawn made a lot of saves.

But… my Wraiths did pry open one of the Razors (which apparently was the first time this had happened on the day –moral victory?); however, the ensuing melees were grim. The Wraiths stuck it out a bit but got clobbered at the end of the day by all that power, force, hammer, psychic mayhem.

GKs are tough, but I would still like to believe (rather fancifully) that I almost pulled off a better showing than the scorecard suggests. Actually, Shawn even nearly let me sneak a few extra points by charging in his final turn rather than resting on the objective. It was a noble, gaming, but meaningless gesture really, he was always going to win on missions points and bonuses even with a draw on the primary objective. Still, I thought it tremendously sporting.

Anyway. No dice. His GK zealots were too tough for anything I had left on the table.

I would really like to play that game again. The army was beautiful, the strategy solid, the intrigue compelling, and the conclusion exciting. An ace individual and favorite opponent in a field of genuinely great folk. Alas. I see so much that I could have done better. Maybe next year.

Final Tally: 4-30 Crushing Defeat!

And there it is.

…I’m already thinking about next year.

Friday, May 4, 2012


You might have thought I had forgotten …what with all this Killzone gloriousness threatening to eclipse my other grand adventure on the AdeptiCon weekend. Perish the thought. After all that hype, correspondence, hand-wringing, correspondence, and hype, this unashamed hobbiest was extraordinarily keen to dip his toe in the shallow end of 40K’s competitive scene.

First let me say AdeptiCon is amazing. 

Combat Patrol Saturday morning (early) was an absolute, unmitigated blast. I had a tremendous time, and in inverse proportion to my angst and worry before the day, the event was superlative -from tip top to base bottom.

Here’s my list that I had only the night previous finished:
5 Warriors
5 Immortals
3 Destroyers
3 Wraiths (x2 whipcoils, x1 particle thing that never fired a shot) one of whom is the team leader

...and  to clarify, here are my GOALS as I stated them before the event:
"My goals are simple and, I think, modest enough to be realistic. In sum, I would like to (in order of importance):

1. enjoy myself.
2. ensure that my opponents enjoy themselves as well.
3. leave with a positive impression of the world.
4. win one game…
5. or, failing that, not lose all my games (though it is not really in my nature to play for a draw). Still, I would consider it some wondrous kind of moral victory should I leave the field 1-2-1, or in the better part of the bottom half overall.
6. possibly win an award of some description? I am not sure how this is possible.
7. end global conflict and strife. 

There they are. My Goals. It is important (or so I am told) to have them."

So. Having established these expectations and general first impressions, I will describe my first game below. For the next post, I will describe my subsequent three games in the event.

Chris. Imperial Guard. Three Chimeras, a Sentinel, and some of the Imperium’s most wantonly expendable. 

Primary Objective: Scoring units into enemy’s deployment zone
Secondary Objective: Kill Points

I was a little intimidated by all those vehicles –doubly so when the Sentinel reserved into my backfield and sucked my Warriors into a pit they didn’t want to know about. Those Warriors were meant to be shambling across the table in proper space-undead form. 

Not so.

Still, the Necrons pitched up in good form and I started to get that feeling I have had a lot lately, namely –this is the right army for me. Necrons. The Wraiths hopped over a mess and crushed a Chimera, while the Destroyers ran interference on the other end. The Wraiths also made quick work of the unfortunates that piled out, though my Immortals got pummeled for being indecisive early on (lesson learned? I’ll get back to you on that one).

The Destroyers were also taking it on the chin pretty handily, when suddenly my Warriors broke free of an improbably ruined Sentinel. It was now a foot race. Run, space undead. Run.

The Wraiths jumped back to midfield and smashed another Chimera, though his command squad was able to pile out and order “run, run, run” on. the. very. last. turn. Rolled  a 5 and thus situated itself both in cover and precisely inside my deployment zone to claim the primary objective. That’s about a close a thing as one could script. 

This was, perhaps, my favorite game from the weekend, not least because Chris was such a solid individual (and kindly overlooked a rules gaff that I blundered early on from nerves) but also because it was so damnably close. Apparently, the algorithms designed to pair opponents agreed with my assessment, as it tried to situate us across the table from one another both in round three and in round four again. Strange how that happens. 
Final Tally: 12-18 Defeat

…items 1-3 on my list seemed to be going swimmingly, but everything else was still to play for. Come back next time for the exciting conclusion of my competitive experience.