Friday, May 4, 2012


You might have thought I had forgotten …what with all this Killzone gloriousness threatening to eclipse my other grand adventure on the AdeptiCon weekend. Perish the thought. After all that hype, correspondence, hand-wringing, correspondence, and hype, this unashamed hobbiest was extraordinarily keen to dip his toe in the shallow end of 40K’s competitive scene.

First let me say AdeptiCon is amazing. 

Combat Patrol Saturday morning (early) was an absolute, unmitigated blast. I had a tremendous time, and in inverse proportion to my angst and worry before the day, the event was superlative -from tip top to base bottom.

Here’s my list that I had only the night previous finished:
5 Warriors
5 Immortals
3 Destroyers
3 Wraiths (x2 whipcoils, x1 particle thing that never fired a shot) one of whom is the team leader

...and  to clarify, here are my GOALS as I stated them before the event:
"My goals are simple and, I think, modest enough to be realistic. In sum, I would like to (in order of importance):

1. enjoy myself.
2. ensure that my opponents enjoy themselves as well.
3. leave with a positive impression of the world.
4. win one game…
5. or, failing that, not lose all my games (though it is not really in my nature to play for a draw). Still, I would consider it some wondrous kind of moral victory should I leave the field 1-2-1, or in the better part of the bottom half overall.
6. possibly win an award of some description? I am not sure how this is possible.
7. end global conflict and strife. 

There they are. My Goals. It is important (or so I am told) to have them."

So. Having established these expectations and general first impressions, I will describe my first game below. For the next post, I will describe my subsequent three games in the event.

Chris. Imperial Guard. Three Chimeras, a Sentinel, and some of the Imperium’s most wantonly expendable. 

Primary Objective: Scoring units into enemy’s deployment zone
Secondary Objective: Kill Points

I was a little intimidated by all those vehicles –doubly so when the Sentinel reserved into my backfield and sucked my Warriors into a pit they didn’t want to know about. Those Warriors were meant to be shambling across the table in proper space-undead form. 

Not so.

Still, the Necrons pitched up in good form and I started to get that feeling I have had a lot lately, namely –this is the right army for me. Necrons. The Wraiths hopped over a mess and crushed a Chimera, while the Destroyers ran interference on the other end. The Wraiths also made quick work of the unfortunates that piled out, though my Immortals got pummeled for being indecisive early on (lesson learned? I’ll get back to you on that one).

The Destroyers were also taking it on the chin pretty handily, when suddenly my Warriors broke free of an improbably ruined Sentinel. It was now a foot race. Run, space undead. Run.

The Wraiths jumped back to midfield and smashed another Chimera, though his command squad was able to pile out and order “run, run, run” on. the. very. last. turn. Rolled  a 5 and thus situated itself both in cover and precisely inside my deployment zone to claim the primary objective. That’s about a close a thing as one could script. 

This was, perhaps, my favorite game from the weekend, not least because Chris was such a solid individual (and kindly overlooked a rules gaff that I blundered early on from nerves) but also because it was so damnably close. Apparently, the algorithms designed to pair opponents agreed with my assessment, as it tried to situate us across the table from one another both in round three and in round four again. Strange how that happens. 
Final Tally: 12-18 Defeat

…items 1-3 on my list seemed to be going swimmingly, but everything else was still to play for. Come back next time for the exciting conclusion of my competitive experience.


HOTpanda said...

The Wraiths conversions are top notch not to mention I love the glorious paint job you gave them Very Sinister in appearance.

Tallarn said...

Holy cow, I had no idea that was your army Brian, I saw it but didn't connect the dots - DOH!

That combat patrol session was a blast and I had a great time, I was the jerk face with the twin razorback wolves and the skull and cross bones hat.

Dang - I wish I had remembered that was your army, I even sent a friend pictures of it lol.

Karitas said...

Nice write up :)

and it sounds like exactly the kind of gaming experience one would hope for.

The Dark Templar said...

Sounds like really good fun…

however, competitive gaming is a slippery slope – it may start out as Combat Patrol but you'll end up going all hardcore on us if you're not careful. Winning in competitions can be addictive ;)

Army looks fab by the way.

Tim said...

YO man, I stopped by your Kill team tables and we chatted about Heroes of Armageddon...I was the guy who did Tycho, one storm raven and some other stuff. Would have loved to have gamed with ya.

Note to self: if there is an event you want to attend and its sold out, bring your army anyway, there are always drop outs.

TJ Atwell said...

They look great, man. I always knew you were secretly a robot

Brian said...

@ Panda. Cheers mate. Sinister was exactly the plan.

@ Tallarn. No kidding. I actually played against SW Razor spam of sorts, but that wasn't you... or was it. Ha. Next year we'll get our wires crossed.

@ Karitas. Absolutely.

@ Dark Templar. Slippery slope, eh. I am duly warned.

@ Tim. Great chatting with you at the event. I wish we'd been able to kick around some more. Indeed, next year. Bring your models.

@ OST. Great speaking with you as well on the weekend. 0100101010011110101 and all that. etc.