Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WIP week: Zombie Pirate Ogres

Ahoy! It’s an extraordinarily busy time of the year for me in the real world. I have, quite simply, too much on my plate at the moment. But one mustn’t grumble! Never, ever grumble. If the Queen (bless her diminutive personage) has taught us anything, it’s exactly this: suck it in, tighten up. Life lesson learned.

And with that, I will clumsily segue into a few WIP shots of this tremendous Zombie Ogre Pirate (or is it Pirate Ogre) from the extremely talented hands of Warploque miniatures. Great stuff on this site. Go have a gander.

I would estimate that this particular Pirate Ogre (Ogre Pirate?) is about 60% finished, which leaves a lot of room for experimentation and ensuing catastrophe. As suggested over on Skarvald’s site, I have started bumbling my way through the new GW range, and this fellow marks my first real attempt to paint entirely with that range.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:
- “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” I need to get out of my comfort zone and these new paints are getting me there.

- I have no idea what I am doing with those glazes, but I think that I will learn to love them dearly. Over a basic green, I have slathered some red and blue glaze mixtures which has left me wanted to experiment more and more with those mixtures. The glazes themselves come in the primaries, and seem to beg to be blended in all manner of ways… I am intrigued.

- the variety of color choices are really quite fun and peculiar. Sure, some old choices have changed or disappeared entirely, but the new subtleties seem wondrously suggestive. I am growing particular fond of the tinted “off whites” and think that these might someday be one of the real revelations in this range (think, if you will, back to the Saruman of Many Colors experiment –tinted whites make this easy).

- I still love roughly half of the old Foundation range, and it might take me a little time to push past point number one. That being said, I have no use at all for at least half of the old Foundation Range, which might help me get there sooner than I imagine.

In sum. Good stuff. More on this quirky monster soon.  


Paul O'G said...

Love the figure - would make a great player in a Nurgle Blood Bowl team!

Circus of Paint said...

It's a great model isn't it?

I love the purple glazes, makes me want to finish mine. :)

Cameron said...

This model is really cool. I really like that whole zombie pirate squad. Your paint job looks really good. I will look forward to seeing this finished.

Brian said...

@ Paul. Indeed. I'll find a use for him somewhere.

@ Feral. I don't yet have the glazes under control, but I am certain that I will learn to love them dearly.

@ Cameron. yes. These zombies are a peculiar mix... and mine arrived in a "Tesco's own brand" pate' box. It's not every day that you get to type a sentence like that. ha.