Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wreck Age: Staker

[++RETROACTIVE DISCLAIMER: although I didn’t at the time of this post, I now work with Hyacinth Games –the people that bring you Wreck Age. For the sake of full frontal honesty, I thought it best to announce this retrospectively so that there was no appearance of unseemliness or whatnot. You get the picture. ++]

 Although feeling the summer crunch (an astonishing phenomenon in which heaps of free time seem to loom just on the horizon for months and weeks and days, and yet very little actually materializes… more’s the pity), I have been having quite a lot of fun with extraordinarily compelling Wreck Age miniatures, and with GW’s new paints range.

You are going to be seeing more about Wreck Age from me on this site. The game is still coming together a bit, but the miniatures are promising and, in my humble opinion, a much-needed change of pace. They are a completely blank slate, a tremendously rare opportunity to explore an uncharted aesthetic space, and I have been loving that dynamic. Interestingly, the game promises an experience oddly similar to what I have just described, a relatively new space… color me interested.

As for the paints… well, more positivity from me. Although I have been feeling my way around a bit (I would not dare pretend that it has been all success and glory), the experience of basically starting over has been really quite enjoyable. I have struggled a bit at times, but the range itself promises some very vibrant and nuanced colors: observe the hair, for example. Usually yellow is a real struggle. The washes are coming together nicely on this model, and Jokaero Orange is one step closer to becoming the indispensible ingredient in my new flesh recipe. We shall see.

Finally, I should mention that this photo session (of which you will see more in the following two or three posts) was a bit of an odd one. I was trying to photograph these minis against a pure white background but ran into all sorts of bother for reasons that I really still cannot comprehend. So I printed out an unconventional greenish background for these unconventional figures. On a normal day, I would never select green. ever. But suddenly, the images came together quite nicely, if I do say so.

I quoted Emerson a while back, “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” I have never been more convinced. New figures. New paints. New backgrounds. It is time for me to move forward, and there is a lot of this in the hobby atmosphere at the moment... good timing.  


40K Giveaway said...

A nice mini and a nice paint job. I was leery of the new paints, but my little experience with them has been positive as well (also in the yellow arena)

Big Jim said...

Looking good B! I dig the earthy color palette that you used here.

I am really liking miniature lines for Wreckage and Malifaux I am tempted to get some of them to paint.

40K Giveaway said...

Wanted to give you a heads-up about my current giveaway - Mephiston - on my site: 40K Giveaway