Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wreck Age: coming along nicely

[++RETROACTIVE DISCLAIMER: although I didn’t at the time of this post, I now work with Hyacinth Games –the people that bring you Wreck Age. For the sake of full frontal honesty, I thought it best to announce this retrospectively so that there was no appearance of unseemliness or whatnot. You get the picture. ++]


I have absolutely no conception of how that happened. It has been exactly two weeks since I last posted. Granted, I did attend back-to-back out of town weddings, but still… two full weeks. Time, it seems, is relative and all the more so when with one’s relatives (thanks for that line Roberto Vo5). heyo.

Speaking of Roberto Vo5, the man himself was on leave last week and we managed an extremely pleasant evening of games. Roberto introduced me, in glorious fashion, to what is for me a brand new game system, and I am extraordinarily enthused. I will be making a full report of all that in good time. Stay tuned.

Roberto also brought a stupendous gift that has left me flabbergasted. You will also be seeing quite a lot of this one in the reasonably near future. Hint: it is massive!

Until then, I have two remaining images of the Wreck Age crew. It has been a few weeks since I last picked up a brush, but there is more of that on the agenda for this week. I have another six models primed and waiting. patiently.  

And then there is another facet in the making that I cannot yet tell you about. But it is glorious. So. Glorious.   


Lord Siwoc said...

These are looking great!

Still waiting for mine to arrive!!!

Mordian7th said...

Those really look fantastic - love the rust and distressed clothing, keep up the great work!

Matt said...

Siwoc- Email me since we had a few shipping issues with one batch, I'll make sure another package gets in the mail this week!