Monday, July 30, 2012


I am all in.

I am absolutely delighted to announce that I have officially joined the very good people over at HyacinthGames. Admittedly, I have arrived at this project reasonably late in the development stage; they already have a sizeable chunk of miniatures and fluff and rules and concept art completed (beautiful stuff, all of it)… but they have offered, and I have jumped head-first into the deep end.

I met the good fellows from Hyacinth at AdeptiCon 2011 and then again this year, and we got to talking. Specifically, the conversation seemed to return, no matter where else it wandered, always to two specific topics: one, to the very real notion that we are in a golden age of gaming; two, to the notion that there is ample room for creativity and interest in smaller upstart companies –particularly those run by people who share the passion, compulsion, and fascination with this fine hobby of ours. As you might imagine, one conversation lead to the next and the next, and… well… everything seems to have simply fallen into place.


To be candid, this is something of a dream come true. Like most unapologetic nerds, I have wanted to help build games in some capacity for a very, very long time. While that always seemed improbable, or at least unrealistic, for me, I find myself with a rare and comfortable position that I can actually make a go of this. And Hyacinth is jus the company.

While my specific roll is evolving, there will be quite a few familiar fronts tailored to my particular experience and skill sets. For example, in this coming week, I will be building a re-working a small “demo” table (perhaps two) for a big day the guys have planned over at Galactic Force games in Chicago. More table building! Ho! If you find yourself in the Chicagoland area, stop by on Saturday and say hello.

I will continue with some of the painting and photography responsibilities, as well as have a proper gander at the forthcoming rules… So very much to do. So very exciting.

Of course, I will still post about all these adventures here on A Gentleman’s Ones, but I will also be contributing to the Wreck Age blog and whatnot. 

So keep an eye for me both here and there.


sonsoftaurus said...

Congratulations Brian! Hope that it works out gloriously for you!

The Dark Templar said...

What fantastic news!
Big congrats – I'm over the moon for you Brian :)

MIK said...

Very cool news! looking forward to seeing this come along!

davetaylor said...

Very cool! I hope things go well for you!


Gotthammer said...

*Head explodes from awesomeness!*

Amazing news, Brian, congratulations!

Since you're on the inside any word on when they're going to turn that female No-Ghost art into reality (I mean I could just email the guys, but I'm kinda lazy ;p ).

Big Jim said...

Fantastic news Brian, congrats!

Son of Dorn said...

Holy crap! That's great news! Congratulations. I look forward to hearing more about it. I've perused the site a short while ago and while none of the factions click with me thus far, I look forward to seeing how it grows :)

Matt said...

Glad to have you aboard! :)

beat ronin said...

Well done Brian that sounds like nice work if you can get it! Well deserved too.

Brian said...

@ Sons of Taurus. Thanks. Me too! Fingers crossed.

@ The Dark Templar. Very kind. Perhaps we should talk soon about a line of bases?

@ Mik. Thanks, mate.

@ Dave. Too kind. Great seeing you again this weekend.

@ Gothhammer. haha. Thanks. I'll look into that for you for certain.

@ Big Jim. Cheers mate.

@ Son of Dorn. Thank you. I will make it my mission to find a faction that suits you. I promise! ha.

@ Matt. Much obliged.

@ James. Indeed. It's something of a dream really.