Monday, September 17, 2012

Thank you

It is finished.

The Hyacinth team would like to extend our profound gratitude to our supporters as well as to the gaming community at large. Your dedication has been astonishing. We mentioned previously that we are a young, motivated, and ambitious company, but these attributes would be meaningless without the generous and timely help of a community willing to make Wreck Age a reality. That is you.

I would also like to extend a direct thank you to Old School Terminator, Jawaballs, Son of Dorn, and Brian Carlson each for their kindness and unmitigated enthusiasm for the project. Cheers fellas! 

Wreck Age will now launch with four distinct faction boxed sets. We will be putting the finishing touches on a beautiful 300+ page rulebook. We have two supplements already prepared. We have five more factions in the creative process. And we have much more already in development. You made this possible, and for that we cannot thank you enough –though we will try anyway.
Thank you. We are only getting started, and we have come away from this Kickstarter feeling that you have created a place for this game in the world. We are energized and motivated by that affirmation. We are ecstatic and humbled by your kindness. We are ready to refocus all our energy on our purpose as a game company ready to make a name for itself in this community.
Thank you. You will be hearing more from us soon. 

Of course, if you missed it all, simply head over to the Wreck Age website for a taste of what's already on offer. Cheers!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wreck Age: the Stitchmen

Only two more days for you to hypnotized by the unblinking, unflinching gaze of our Wreck Age Kickstarter

If, by chance, you feel a little aged by all this clamor and noise, a little worn, perhaps threadbare, perhaps weary, aged, tuckered, and thin... then the Stitchmen are the faction for you!!! They will either help you put some spring back in your step, or help you die trying.

so. very. creepy. I love it.

The Stitchmen: During the Exodus, a ship carrying specialized medical personnel crash-landed before exiting atmosphere. The carnage was horrific, but the ill-fated flight had been loaded with skilled experts in the common field of life-longevity and practical medicine. The despairing but resigned survivors began their macabre practice immediately, and soon set out both in small bands and as individuals in order to carve, quite literally, a place for themselves in the harsh environment of North America. Some of these hapless few are rumored to exist even today, plying their wicked trade in furtive secrecy...

The Stitchmen boxed set contains 7 unique models: a Doctor, 3 Hunters, an Orderly, and a Body Snatcher - a spider-like mechanical construct used to prepare bodies for processing.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wreck Age: the Reclaimers

Just a few days left to get in on even more Kickstarter goodness. We crushed our goal and have been absolutely thrilled with the response... but there's always room for more and more. In fact, every penny that the kickstarter promotes will open another creative door for us. We have already generated a tremendous level of funding for such a small operation, but we have ideas... always more ideas. So take a gander and see if you might like to get in on the fierce, futuristic action.

Here's the third in our first series of factions on the books!

The Order of the Reclaimers: –Reclaimers are the world's foremost authority on scavenging. The e-wastes of North America and the rest of the world hold a veritable trove of disjointed information and oddly situated technology. With single-minded zealotry, the Reclaimers aim only to collect and to re-assemble the pieces of this grand technological mystery, to learn about the sins of the past, and to intuit how technology might someday lead the diligent back toward humanity's rightful place.

The Reclaimers boxed set contains 6 unique models: a Scriviner, a Power-Scav, a Zealot, a Server, and 2 Reclaimers.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wreck Age: Hy Planes Drifters

Everything proceeds apace. We are positively delighted with the feedback that we have received thus far. Thanks, everyone for your support. Today we continue with our countdown and introduce the literacy-challenged Hy Planes Drifters. 

The following is my particular favorite faction of the bunch, not sure why really. To my way of thinking, there's a little Mongolian Empire, a little pre-christian Viking, a little Native American -but nothing explicitly stated about any of these, only an aftertaste, a subtle suggestion. I think that makes this faction really compelling as one can play them in any manner desired. Plus they are recklessly aggressive and strap explosives to wild boars. Great stuff.

The Hy Planes Drifters: Drifters are nomadic warbands descended from criminal gangs that had been left wandering during the Exodus and subsequent collapse. They value strength and live by a strict hierarchical code of violence and pillaging. They believe that anything and everything should be taken and that the world is a massive plain ripe for their harvesting.

The Drifters boxed set contains 9 unique models: a Chieftain, 3 Drifters, 4 Grubs (novices), and an Exploding Boar.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wreck Age: Stakers

The Wreck Age Kickstarter just smashed through the $10,000 mark as we hit our final stretch! We are elated! This is absolutely tremendous news for our small startup... a big milestone, and it really opens a lot of doors for our creative future. Thank you one and all.

For you, the dedicated supporter, it means more free stuff. Every contributor that has ordered a rulebook or a boxed set will now receive a blister of dogs, a unique Staker model, and a unique  Drifter model for free. These stack, so if you have ordered a book and a boxed set, you will receive one unique model for each. If you have ordered three boxed sets, you will also receive three unique miniatures per goal, etc. An enthusiastic support might note that you can quite easily earn yourself a free boxed set in this mix... Oh the glory of Kickstarter rewards. 

What's all this, you ask?

We have developed four basic factions (each represented by a box set of miniatures) to begin your gaming endeavor into the Resurgence to help establish your community, to spread its influence and reputation, or to harvest the toil of others less strong then yourself.

Here is the first of those factions (with the remaining coming along as the week progresses):

The Stakers: Almost immediately after the Exodus, he resilient, the far-sighted, the idealistic, and the indolent banded together to form the closest approximation of civilized stability. It was an ambitious and desperate goal, one born from equal measures of fear and hope. Many of these communities now lay buried under heaping piles of ash, bone, and e-waste... but those that remain are known as Staker communities, the modest and faithful amidst a world of cruel opportunism.

In practical terms, the Stakers represent humanity's civilizing impulse -both for better and for worse. On the one hand, Stakers have salvaged civil society from utter annihilation. But this has come at some price. After centuries of isolation and struggle, Staker communities are often intensely suspicious of outsiders (including other Staker communities) and quick to band together against any perceived threat.  

The Staker boxed set contains 7 unique models: 2 Field Hands, a Scout, 3 Outriders, and a Sapper. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Wreck Age: Six More Days

Have I mentioned lately that Hyacinth is running a Kickstarter? You might have missed this modest effort, what with all the amazing deals that have been kicking around the interwebs, and I don’t blame you… BUT I wanted to redirect your attention for a moment to what I can now proudly call “our” (still getting used to that) company and its humble small place amid the hubbub.

I have been working on some cool loose projects for Hyacinth, and I am pleased to report that it has been an eye-opener to behold how our beloved hobby works from its underbelly. To be frank, I'm practically giddy with it all: speaking with artists, painters, etc, then casters and the rules team and the designer and all this creative mayhem. It's wild. 

But amidst that furor, I got called in (redirected) last week (thanks Sam) in order to pay more specific attention to that Kickstarter project. With only one week to go, there’s absolutely no time to spare. Go check it out if you have not done so already. As mentioned, we are small. Very. But we are ambitious too, and we want to see this thing finish with a tremendous push.

I am pleased to be on the front line with this now, and hope you will forgive a young enthusiast for prattling on a lot this week about it all. There will be more before there is less. With that in mind, I am going to be posting a kind of countdown, in which I introduce the game and factions in a day-by-day manner this week.


What follows is a conveniently truncated look at the world of Wreck Age itself:

Wreck Age depicts the desperate struggle of humanity after betrayal and disaster have decimated Earth as we know it. Your introduction to Wreck Age begins in the 26th century - in what we now call the Resurgence… “Year Zero.” 200 years previously, the world’s elite and privileged abandoned a desperate planet on the verge of complete collapse. They promised that subsequent waves would follow after they had cleared a proper path.

They lied.

Despite gasping and anguished attempts to salvage the polluted husk of a world, Civilization teetered then tipped into utter devastation. Billions died.

Humanity has watched countless generations pass in despair and desolation. But now, in the Resurgence, for the first time in hundreds of years, crops are growing more stably, the birth-rate is rising, communities are reaching back out into the surrounding territories.

We have developed four basic factions (each represented by a box set of miniatures) to begin your gaming endeavor into the Resurgence to help establish your community, to spread its influence and reputation, or to harvest the toil of others less strong then yourself. I will be discussing each in brief throughout this week… prepare yourself.

Wreck Age is a post-collapse game world based in the imagination of three friends and a legion of compatriots; it is a rich and suggestive world in which you can build your own narratives and structure your own adventures. Though devastated, Wreck Age depicts a fresh and unique gaming world, one that offers you a suggestive, rich, and wildly varied setting within which you can carve out a space tailored to your interests –from role-playing to tabletop miniatures, to the immensely rewarding combination thereof.