Monday, September 17, 2012

Thank you

It is finished.

The Hyacinth team would like to extend our profound gratitude to our supporters as well as to the gaming community at large. Your dedication has been astonishing. We mentioned previously that we are a young, motivated, and ambitious company, but these attributes would be meaningless without the generous and timely help of a community willing to make Wreck Age a reality. That is you.

I would also like to extend a direct thank you to Old School Terminator, Jawaballs, Son of Dorn, and Brian Carlson each for their kindness and unmitigated enthusiasm for the project. Cheers fellas! 

Wreck Age will now launch with four distinct faction boxed sets. We will be putting the finishing touches on a beautiful 300+ page rulebook. We have two supplements already prepared. We have five more factions in the creative process. And we have much more already in development. You made this possible, and for that we cannot thank you enough –though we will try anyway.
Thank you. We are only getting started, and we have come away from this Kickstarter feeling that you have created a place for this game in the world. We are energized and motivated by that affirmation. We are ecstatic and humbled by your kindness. We are ready to refocus all our energy on our purpose as a game company ready to make a name for itself in this community.
Thank you. You will be hearing more from us soon. 

Of course, if you missed it all, simply head over to the Wreck Age website for a taste of what's already on offer. Cheers!


TJ Atwell said...


Don't sweat it. This is a great example of what our community can do and why the connections we build here are important. Don't worry, the support has only just begun. Congrats on the KS and your Web site looks great. I am reading the fiction right now and of course, the Stitchmen remain my creepy favorites!

Lord Siwoc said...

I was at your first kickstarter too. Loving the models and liking the game so far. Stitchmen are so far my favorite warband.

I did some mentions on my blog and on facebook to help out a bit.

Loquacious said...

It was my pleasure to do anything, even as little as it was, to help you along towards your goals. I hope nothing but the best for you!