Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wreck Age: Hy Planes Drifters

Everything proceeds apace. We are positively delighted with the feedback that we have received thus far. Thanks, everyone for your support. Today we continue with our countdown and introduce the literacy-challenged Hy Planes Drifters. 

The following is my particular favorite faction of the bunch, not sure why really. To my way of thinking, there's a little Mongolian Empire, a little pre-christian Viking, a little Native American -but nothing explicitly stated about any of these, only an aftertaste, a subtle suggestion. I think that makes this faction really compelling as one can play them in any manner desired. Plus they are recklessly aggressive and strap explosives to wild boars. Great stuff.

The Hy Planes Drifters: Drifters are nomadic warbands descended from criminal gangs that had been left wandering during the Exodus and subsequent collapse. They value strength and live by a strict hierarchical code of violence and pillaging. They believe that anything and everything should be taken and that the world is a massive plain ripe for their harvesting.

The Drifters boxed set contains 9 unique models: a Chieftain, 3 Drifters, 4 Grubs (novices), and an Exploding Boar.


SC Mike said...

wow! What is this all about? I must have totally missed this, but looking at the models, they look spectacular!
Is there a website to check in?


Brian said...

Hey Mike. Great to hear from you again. It's been too long. There's a link to Hyacinth Games (whom I work for now -full disclosure) at the right, and a small link to the kickstarter above that.

Thanks for your interest. any big projects on the horizon?

Cameron said...

I really like the drifters. I'm very tempted, but I'm not sure if I will be able to find local players...

How are the models for clean up and assembly? I am assuming they are all metal.