Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wreck Age: the Reclaimers

Just a few days left to get in on even more Kickstarter goodness. We crushed our goal and have been absolutely thrilled with the response... but there's always room for more and more. In fact, every penny that the kickstarter promotes will open another creative door for us. We have already generated a tremendous level of funding for such a small operation, but we have ideas... always more ideas. So take a gander and see if you might like to get in on the fierce, futuristic action.

Here's the third in our first series of factions on the books!

The Order of the Reclaimers: –Reclaimers are the world's foremost authority on scavenging. The e-wastes of North America and the rest of the world hold a veritable trove of disjointed information and oddly situated technology. With single-minded zealotry, the Reclaimers aim only to collect and to re-assemble the pieces of this grand technological mystery, to learn about the sins of the past, and to intuit how technology might someday lead the diligent back toward humanity's rightful place.

The Reclaimers boxed set contains 6 unique models: a Scriviner, a Power-Scav, a Zealot, a Server, and 2 Reclaimers.


The Dark Templar said...

Now these look very cool!

Occupy Terra said...

I'm really interested, but alas I don't have a game group currently. I'll have to wait for now, but looking amazing!

Cameron said...

Have you played any games yet, Brian? The tabletop skirmish aspect sounds good but I am not really interested in the RPG. Can the two be played separately?

Brian said...

@ Dark Templar. Cheers mate. Great stuff on your part with the 3 painters. My fingers are crossed!

@ Ian. Thanks for your support. Keep us in mind down line.

@ Cameron. Good question (full disclosure: I'm actually helping develop the game, so I've been playing very little else. I came on board with Hyacinth about 2 years after they began development on this, so it's all been pretty tidy so far). Like you, I'm not really into RPG. It's just not my thing. I do, however, really enjoy narrative games and skirmish games, which Wreck Age fits perfectly. The thing that really hooked me, and made joining the project really easy, was the way in which you can use the RPG aspect (character creation and so on) to build a warband (in my case, I like the Drifters most) and play it across several games like a campaign, but with real consequences for your characters. It's still an entirely tabletop experience, from my point of view, but there's the benefit of linking games in a genuinely substantial way that pretty much all tabletop games lack. It's coll niche they've found, I think.

Of course, you can take all this the other direction as well if that's your preference, or find a happy medium. I find the freedom and potential really exciting.

Cheers for your interest.

Mordian7th said...

Very cool stuff. I'm seeing more and more of the Wreck Age models showing up around the blogosphere and I'm really digging 'em. If you listen closely you can hear my wallet crying out in terror - I really, REALLY don't need to start yet another project. Such cool models though, how can I resist?

Brian said...

@ Mordian 7th. Solidarity. I have waaay too much on my plate at the moment, but I still found myself pitching up for a couple that just wouldn't me be.

It's a great time to be in this hobby!

oniakki said...

Sadly I wasn't able to scrounge up the funds to help with the kickstarter (couple others caught my attention and hijacked my monies first). But the Reclaimers is the faction I was interested in. Guess I'll have to wait for the the commercial release ;.;