Monday, September 10, 2012

Wreck Age: Six More Days

Have I mentioned lately that Hyacinth is running a Kickstarter? You might have missed this modest effort, what with all the amazing deals that have been kicking around the interwebs, and I don’t blame you… BUT I wanted to redirect your attention for a moment to what I can now proudly call “our” (still getting used to that) company and its humble small place amid the hubbub.

I have been working on some cool loose projects for Hyacinth, and I am pleased to report that it has been an eye-opener to behold how our beloved hobby works from its underbelly. To be frank, I'm practically giddy with it all: speaking with artists, painters, etc, then casters and the rules team and the designer and all this creative mayhem. It's wild. 

But amidst that furor, I got called in (redirected) last week (thanks Sam) in order to pay more specific attention to that Kickstarter project. With only one week to go, there’s absolutely no time to spare. Go check it out if you have not done so already. As mentioned, we are small. Very. But we are ambitious too, and we want to see this thing finish with a tremendous push.

I am pleased to be on the front line with this now, and hope you will forgive a young enthusiast for prattling on a lot this week about it all. There will be more before there is less. With that in mind, I am going to be posting a kind of countdown, in which I introduce the game and factions in a day-by-day manner this week.


What follows is a conveniently truncated look at the world of Wreck Age itself:

Wreck Age depicts the desperate struggle of humanity after betrayal and disaster have decimated Earth as we know it. Your introduction to Wreck Age begins in the 26th century - in what we now call the Resurgence… “Year Zero.” 200 years previously, the world’s elite and privileged abandoned a desperate planet on the verge of complete collapse. They promised that subsequent waves would follow after they had cleared a proper path.

They lied.

Despite gasping and anguished attempts to salvage the polluted husk of a world, Civilization teetered then tipped into utter devastation. Billions died.

Humanity has watched countless generations pass in despair and desolation. But now, in the Resurgence, for the first time in hundreds of years, crops are growing more stably, the birth-rate is rising, communities are reaching back out into the surrounding territories.

We have developed four basic factions (each represented by a box set of miniatures) to begin your gaming endeavor into the Resurgence to help establish your community, to spread its influence and reputation, or to harvest the toil of others less strong then yourself. I will be discussing each in brief throughout this week… prepare yourself.

Wreck Age is a post-collapse game world based in the imagination of three friends and a legion of compatriots; it is a rich and suggestive world in which you can build your own narratives and structure your own adventures. Though devastated, Wreck Age depicts a fresh and unique gaming world, one that offers you a suggestive, rich, and wildly varied setting within which you can carve out a space tailored to your interests –from role-playing to tabletop miniatures, to the immensely rewarding combination thereof.

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