Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wreck Age: Stakers

The Wreck Age Kickstarter just smashed through the $10,000 mark as we hit our final stretch! We are elated! This is absolutely tremendous news for our small startup... a big milestone, and it really opens a lot of doors for our creative future. Thank you one and all.

For you, the dedicated supporter, it means more free stuff. Every contributor that has ordered a rulebook or a boxed set will now receive a blister of dogs, a unique Staker model, and a unique  Drifter model for free. These stack, so if you have ordered a book and a boxed set, you will receive one unique model for each. If you have ordered three boxed sets, you will also receive three unique miniatures per goal, etc. An enthusiastic support might note that you can quite easily earn yourself a free boxed set in this mix... Oh the glory of Kickstarter rewards. 

What's all this, you ask?

We have developed four basic factions (each represented by a box set of miniatures) to begin your gaming endeavor into the Resurgence to help establish your community, to spread its influence and reputation, or to harvest the toil of others less strong then yourself.

Here is the first of those factions (with the remaining coming along as the week progresses):

The Stakers: Almost immediately after the Exodus, he resilient, the far-sighted, the idealistic, and the indolent banded together to form the closest approximation of civilized stability. It was an ambitious and desperate goal, one born from equal measures of fear and hope. Many of these communities now lay buried under heaping piles of ash, bone, and e-waste... but those that remain are known as Staker communities, the modest and faithful amidst a world of cruel opportunism.

In practical terms, the Stakers represent humanity's civilizing impulse -both for better and for worse. On the one hand, Stakers have salvaged civil society from utter annihilation. But this has come at some price. After centuries of isolation and struggle, Staker communities are often intensely suspicious of outsiders (including other Staker communities) and quick to band together against any perceived threat.  

The Staker boxed set contains 7 unique models: 2 Field Hands, a Scout, 3 Outriders, and a Sapper. 

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