Friday, September 14, 2012

Wreck Age: the Stitchmen

Only two more days for you to hypnotized by the unblinking, unflinching gaze of our Wreck Age Kickstarter

If, by chance, you feel a little aged by all this clamor and noise, a little worn, perhaps threadbare, perhaps weary, aged, tuckered, and thin... then the Stitchmen are the faction for you!!! They will either help you put some spring back in your step, or help you die trying.

so. very. creepy. I love it.

The Stitchmen: During the Exodus, a ship carrying specialized medical personnel crash-landed before exiting atmosphere. The carnage was horrific, but the ill-fated flight had been loaded with skilled experts in the common field of life-longevity and practical medicine. The despairing but resigned survivors began their macabre practice immediately, and soon set out both in small bands and as individuals in order to carve, quite literally, a place for themselves in the harsh environment of North America. Some of these hapless few are rumored to exist even today, plying their wicked trade in furtive secrecy...

The Stitchmen boxed set contains 7 unique models: a Doctor, 3 Hunters, an Orderly, and a Body Snatcher - a spider-like mechanical construct used to prepare bodies for processing.


Thatguyjames said...

A beautiful new take on the classic concepts that drive the necro/undeath themes we're all so used to. It's a wonderful juxtaposition to see instruments of medicine and healing being wielded by such obviously unhealthy individuals.

Please pass my compliments along to the people who came up with this concept, I love it.

Son of Dorn said...