Monday, October 15, 2012


And that’s not all!

When Chris stopped in last weekend, we also smashed our way through a reasonably intense game of Warmachine: once again with fully painted factions at the standoff, which must be a record in my casual gaming lifetime -two systems, two games, two different factions, one evening, all glory. Chris brings a certain hobby prowess to the table, to be sure.

Apologies once more for the camera photos. I still have not located my real camera and this is incredibly frustrating as I have some Malifautos that I need to take and to publish from an extraordinary turn of events a few weeks back now (in short, I won something blindingly superlative). Glory. I simply refuse to photos that particular bit of news with my phone. It would be a sin.

Well. You have likely heard me say this before; you will certainly hear me say it again. We are living in a Golden Age of the hobby. I do not exaggerate.

Chris and I also pushed boldly into a game of Warmachine both because we could do so, and because it would be rude not to.

I should say, my warmatactics are sketchy at best. I tend to muddle my way through my own agenda and rarely have a solid sense of what my opponents can accomplish. I just need to play more, I think, and read more, and play more. And so on.

For example, this was my first outing against Epic Deneghra… her feat is staggering –totally caught me flatfooted and I was stunned to watch just about everything and everyone fester and drop so abruptly. I also failed to realize that she could turn my own models against me, which made Kreoss’ fancy Bastion bodyguard seem like a rather bad notion in the end.

And indeed, I consistently tend to get poor Kreoss stuck in some wild, awkward, and problematic situations: vis-à-vis an enemy heavy Jack for example. To his unflinching credit, Kreoss did zealously dish out some significant damage, and my poor caster held it together for far longer than I ever had reason to expect, but that is hardly what one could call strategy.

“Suck it in. Tighten up” is invariably solid advice, but it’s become a more like a mantra with Kreoss. 

On my left flank, I thought that I was well situated, with the Choir singing their boons here and there for the two Jacks in their path. That part went smoothly. But then three weird, undead jack-killing ghouls showed up on the horizon and not only dismantled that Light Jack on my far left, but also reassembled him as a Bone Jack.

Naturally, that Bone Jack ate the Choir for good measure. Insult meet Injury.

To be candid, I do not love my Heavy Jack just yet. I have never been able to make this lumbering monster work for me, and I always end games thinking “that was a fair chunk of points for very little return.” This game was no exception. He did absolutely nothing except waddle up the middle and fail utterly to ruin Deneghra’s day when given a really phenomenal chance to do so.

And so, in the end, the warmadead came out on top. There were moments when I felt the result could have been closer, but the simple truth is my doods were never really in it to win it. Next time! And now that I am in the burbs and have a proper nerd realm to call my own, that time should be really quite soon.

Moreover, I intend to pick up a paintbrush again for the first time in months! Glorious.

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