Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tale of Three Painters: I won something

Dark Templar, who you will know from his eponymous blog, is a legend.

First let me say that I have been absolutely gagging to get these images out onto the blog… but I needed the camera first. so. very. frustrating. As a matter of principle, I refused outrightly to post any image of these beautiful, beautiful models with anything less than my real-deal camera. No phone images here. To do anything less would have been a sin –an egregious sin.

Even as it stands, I do not think that these photos really do the models justice. The appearance in person is really quite breathtaking. These are, without hyperbole or doubt, the best-painted models I have ever held in my hand. Mike (the Dark Templar whom you might also remember as the Imperial enemy from the Hailed vs. Hated series of yore), Andy (the Lair of the Breviks), and Michael (28mm Victorian Warfare) have made an extraordinary set of models in a wonderfully worthwhile effort for charity.

The Tale of Three Painters, as you will see from the links above, was a tremendous project orchestrated by the Dark Templar for Cancer Research UK. What better way.

For my part, I submitted what I believed to be a suitably ambitious bid rather early, and then crossed my fingers. As a rule, I never win anything. Again, I am not even exaggerating in that statement. I just don’t win much if ever. So despite my bid, I had every reason to expect that ebay would boldly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once again. Bitter experience has taught me.

I was stupefied to receive an email declaring me a winner. I was tempted to extend the exclamation to other facets of my existence. Me. A winner. How about that. 

And so these beauts have a new home in my evolving basement of glory (topic of next post). I have yet to play a game of Malifaux, but look forward to the experience in this golden age of hobby brilliance. The cards system, in particular, looks like something entirely within my wheelhouse. I am intrigued.

But all the more so on account of the fact that Dark Templar has put together such a fine, fine project from top to bottom. In fact, these models only represent the surface of Dark Templar’s brilliant auction. There will be more on this topic for certain: bases, brushes, carrying cases. I feel spoiled. Much more to come. A sample:

In closing, I must thank the 3 Painters in question. Having given away more than a few items near and dear to my heart in the past, I fully sympathize with the unfocused hope that any bit of hard work on model or project (to which I invariably grow quite fond in the process) might find a happy and loving home.

Never worry, fellas. These pieces of gold are in great hands!



Richelieu said...

Congratulations! They couldn't have went to a better home!

The Dark Templar said...

I agree wholeheartedly, a finer home could not be found!

I also wanted to say Brian that Wyrd have FINALLY managed to get a parcel to me with the remainder of your prize, so more stuff is incoming!!