Monday, November 5, 2012

Unpacking: back to glory

I am (we are) still unpacking box after box of randomly assorted goods that we would have been more sensible sorting before the move. Having said that, the spirit of true, mature organization would have denied me three distinct but related pleasures:

First, finding my camera (significantly one month after the move) in a box misleading labeled “lamps.” To be fair, there was a single lamp in the box… but imagine my delight at finding that essential piece of machinery at long last. I was giddy, and work should resume to something like its usual character immediately.

Second, rediscovering my fledgling Bretonnians after having stowed them in a clearance sweep months and months past. I was necessarily forced to put these aside in order to make the house seem significantly less cluttered and generally less nerdy (tut tut) in the vain hope that this might help sell the old place. Nothing yet. Still, I had not forgotten my mass of Brets (perish the thought), but I had certainly placed them far, far away from my attention. It is singularly good to have them back in the fresh air of my hobby basement.

Third, That Guy James (until recently of that guy james fame) had sent me a lovely gift after the AdeptiCon and Killzone mayhem of last year. Behold James’s wondrous Bretonnina Knight.

Along with all the other Bretonnian goodness, he had been packed away for safe keeping until a better time arrived. He is the centerpiece of the army and would be the envy of his peers if he had any. I will be working on this imminently.

I have said this before, but James is an ace individual. As mentioned, this model followed on the heels of the work he did for Killzone at AdeptiCon (and specifically for all the brilliant cards he designed –none left… sorry). Those cards were an artistic triumph in their own right, but James is not one to rest passively on his laurels.

To commemorate the gloriousness, James included all kinds of beautifully executed details:

Notice the B, which I would like to believe does not stand for Bretonnia. No points for guessing.

Behold the Chalice image, which works splendidly with the character and mission of a Bretonnia in general, and my conception of the Brets specifically, but also quietly nods to one of the “suits” James developed for the Killzone cards. That’s just classy.

James nailed it again with the sword hilt that once more invokes the glory of the Killzone suits he designed, but that also remains utterly relevant and appropriate for the Brettonian force.

In sum, it is a tremendous model and a blinding gift. Thank you, James!

I might also mention as a kind of teaser trailer that James has been helping me out by lending his extraordinary talents to a number of other very cool endeavors. Some of them I can discuss with you… some of them I can’t.

More on one and the other soon enough. 

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Da Masta Cheef said...

That's an AMAZING standard bearer!!!