Monday, December 3, 2012

Dystopian Wars: FSA

Finally, brush has reached model. Even the wife remarked recently that it was good to see me painting again. One knows the situation has become extreme when she is willing to offer that kind of consolation.


I am painting again. Glorious.

I confess that I have read very, very little with regard to the fluff of Dystopian Wars – far, far less than I should have really. But I am not one to let these kinds of details derail me from jumping headlong into the deep end on any new project. It is a lesson, quite simply, that I refuse to learn. Moreover, I did not want academic rigors to keep me from getting some momentum back after such a long period of inertia. It is easy enough in these instances to allow that fluff is what one makes it –nothing more, nothing less.

Still, I have some notion that the Federated States of America have a distinctly Southern influence, and so I opted to paint my fledgling fleet in a confederate gray as well as an aged lackluster gold. Not sure yet what the contrast color will be. There is quite a lot of very small, very delicate detail work to be done here, but the broadest strokes are down, and the fleet looks reasonably coherent.

Some of the smaller details have me a little frightened, and I am concerned that I may have picked a rather daunting challenge for my first figures in months. And yet, this initial progress was both quick and rewarding enough that I can feel the hobby mojo building. I needed a moment like this to get myself back into the swing after long, long months away from paint, glue, brush, and glory.

Moreover, Roberto Vo5 is rumored to be returning to the greater Chicagoland area any day now, and the fleet needed to be seaworthy before we met once more across the table. Ahoy!


Cameron said...

They look great. What did you use for that warm brassy colour?

These captcha things are getting ridiculous. Have you tried listening to the audio of letters? Almost impossible!

Brian said...

@ Cameron. Apologies for the delay in reply. Unforgivable.

For the Bronzy color, I used the new range (I've not learned the names yet) but basically the equivalents would be Dwarf Bronze toward Shining Gold. Once I had arrived at a quick layer of the Gold, I washed the entire mess with a mixture of inks: green, purple, and flesh. The flesh keeps the whole matter suitably bronze, while the rest makes it grimy and old.

Just the thing, if you ask me, to make an illusion of worn but wealthy metal.