Friday, January 11, 2013

Zombicide (2)

I’ll have Zombies with extra Zombie sauce and a side of Zomb, please.

I absolutely do not want to read in to this fact, nor pretend that it is indicative of some larger trend that extends anywhere beyond my fingers as I type these words. No. …but I do find it rather odd that in these last months I have played at least 8 games of Zombicide to every 1 game of 40K.

There is a time when I would not have thought such a thing possible. And yet there it is.

And please do not get the wrong impression. I really dig what is happening with 6th edition, a lot. It’s just that my attention is drawn in a myriad of directions right now and I have been enjoying other games, a lot.

And so these zombie fellas have been getting the lion’s share of attention for some time now. Unlike the first batch, these guys have been treated to a smattering of my blood recipe (here and here) to help make them suitably sinister as opposed to just decayed. It is still very much a “cheap and cheerful” treatment for these guys, but one that adds (for me, anyway, I have a thing about playing unpainted minis) an utterly necessary dose of glory to the gaming experience.

As for the heroic survivors. Well, their fortunes have turned a bit. We came out to a roaring start, but the zombies have been making a nuisance of themselves more and more in recent games. Have we grown overconfident? Are the undead numbers telling? Is the game just quirky like that? Yes on all counts.

Tremendous fun.