Thursday, February 7, 2013

AdeptiCon 2013: 10 weeks?

Oh boy. 10 weeks to AdeptiCon 2013. This will be my fourth, and my third as a genuine participant. This year is pushing all boundaries for me, and I am, quite frankly, at my threshold. It’s intense.

But first I should mention that it took a letter from an old friend over at Warhammer 39,999 (Thank you very much for your kindness and support, Rob!) to shake me out of some kind of stupor under which I’ve been suffering for, well, some time now really. The blog has been neglected. I think part of the aforementioned funk stems from the very simple fact that I am not able to discuss at any length most of what I have been working on lately, and I have been working. Believe you me. Working.

But back to AdpetiCon: Here is a taste of what I CAN tell you about.

AdeptiCon Tables x13. Last year, I thought we were pushing the boat out pretty far with 10 3x3 tables. That’s nothing. Although Special Operations: Killzone will not be making an appearance this year, I am still making a boatload of tables for the weekend. Not sure how that happened exactly, but there it is.

In sum, I will be creating 5 3x3 table for Wreck Age: The Battle for TenPike. As ever, the tables will be linked in order to tell the tale of one modest but contentious town in the Resurgence. This is going to be great fun, and very much in the vein of previous efforts. I have some more Hyacinth news coming up here in the coming days. Stay tuned.

Of course, it doesn’t end there. I will also be creating 8 4x4 tables for the Zone Mortalis: The Sin of Alacrity II event. I cannot prove this and will never try to do so, but I have always felt that Zone Mortalis was… inspired… in large part by our efforts with Killzone in some capacity. And so it seemed a natural (but nevertheless conflicting) transition when I was asked to fill the light-hearted void in the AdeptiCon lineup.

As importantly, my decision was informed by my very sincere and profound desire to revisit the Sin of Alacrity.Yes. She’s back! Longtime readers might remember the original Sin of Alacrity from days of yore, and specifically the giveaway that saw her raffled off to pay for the first grand adventure in table-making. Apart from confirmation of receipt, I have never heard word from the fellow that won it. Shame that. And to be candid, I miss that old monstrosity. So what better excuse to create a bigger (far, far bigger), and one hopes better, version Just and FYI: I am making 8 and only intend to keep 2. That means there will be 6 of these tables for sale at AdeptiCon this year.

Enough? Not nearly. I have also committed to participation in two events in-and-around the AdeptiCon weekend.

The first, and more ambitious, is a Badab staff event that will be pressing the Alacrity into double duty. For this event, notable staff contributors and other sundry individuals will each create 1000 points of Badab themed forces. I knew nothing about Badab except that the conflict involved someone named Huron before committing to the project (this happens to me a lot, you might know). Perhaps because of the aforementioned void in my knowledge, I selected from thin air a chapter known as the Star Phantoms. (???) No. Seriously. Now I’ve got to conjure 1000 points of Star Phantoms (???) from thin air. More on them soon.

The second project continues my first modest foray into competitive gaming from last year, but takes that sojourn in an entirely new direction. This year, I will be competing in the March to Mount Doom Madness bracket tournament Thursday night. Yes. LotR… or the Hobbit I suppose. I have not played a game in years, and intend to make a brand new force for this event just because.

I only just saw the new film last weekend. I had low expectations but came away delighted. Currently, I am thinking that my 500 points will be from Mordor… anyone out there know anything about the meta in that game? Is there meta in that game? Would the selection of Mordor be complete folly?

So. 10 weeks to get to grips with all that. And I have a full-time job. And I’m still working with Hyacinth Games (more on that next post). And wife. And children. Dog. etc. It’s going to be a busy season. 


warhammer39999 said...

I've never been to Adepticon, so please forgive my ignorance. Are you the only one making tables? It would seem that 13 tables would be woefully insufficient, but perhaps they're just adding 13 more tables to what they have saved from last year?

Happy to see you back in action. I must admit that I come to the site on a frequent basis and was pleased to see another update.

Thanks for the shout out, but more thanks for the updated content. Lookign forward to more!

Just make sure you don't go so hard that you burn out again. :)

Richelieu said...

I applaud your focus. And I will be there this year money in hand, AND space in the Van to help remedy the excess of tables :)

Niels P said...

Ouch that is a LOAD of projekts...
I forgot how cool you Alacrity was.

And how I didn't win it ;)

Can you spread some light on what the walls were made off ?

Blue foam or something more ply-woodish ?

Love the rules for Wreckage.
Too bad Im not home to enjoy the Paint one get one gig.

xNickBaranx said...

If its any consolation, I haven't completely finished any of my 16 tables for the 40K Warzone Tournament at Adepticon and I have a primer coming up in just over a month too.

Brian said...

@ Rob. Hahaha. For the main events, the AdeptiCon staff put together quite literally hundreds of tables, all fully sported out with top-notch terrain. They spend weeks making the stuff in massive assemblies. It's amazing. They've got it covered.

My humble corner is for waaay smaller, less formal events that happen in the margins.

The burnout isn't too bad; it's more the amount of other things on my plate that has me sidelined. Anyway. Back to it! Thanks again for the support.

@ Richelieu. Brilliant. I'll keep an eye out for you!

@ Niels. Ahoy! Great to hear from you. The tables were made with 1x3 bits of wood, but these new ones are going to be something much different. More on that soon.

@ Nick. Solidarity mate. Yours look to be coming along at a very solid clip at least. Tremendous stuff. I can't wait to see them live.

Jeremy said...

Glad to hear you are playing the Hobbit/Lord of the rings!

Some of us were really bummed no Killzone this year but hopefully 2014?

Good choice of Mordor, the Mt. Doom event is a little different compared to the regular game just cause it is hero based; but they have such a large selection of magic and combat types you can get some nasty combos.

Niels P said...

hehe No worries :)
Im on my ship for the next month so can only dream of making something like the Alacrity, and overturning the internet for blogs ...

Maybe I should think of the differnt rooms so I can just start shopping when I come home ;)

Yay ...spend money...

Brian said...

@ Jeremy. Thanks for the kind words about KZ. I hope that Big Jim will bring the game back to AdeptiCon for 2014, but I've not heard a word on the matter yet. Fingers crossed.

@ Niels. Indeed. Spend more money! Ha.