Thursday, March 28, 2013

AdeptiCon 2013: Tables (4)

I think that I mentioned an almost identical sentiment last year at nearly this precise time, but I suspect few are genuinely focused on my nonsense enough to care, nevermind remember.

So there’s an expression here in Chicago: “I know a guy.”

We use it all the time to express an extraordinary vicarious ability to get some basic improbable, bureaucratic, illegal, mundane, technical, and generally untoward task accomplished. Something outside normal skill sets. You need tickets to the game? I know a guy. You need to make that parking ticket go away? I know a guy. (I don’t, by the way. If you get a ticket in Chicago, you are screwed). 

Last year, I mentioned it with regard to Tall Paul and his McGuyver-esque resources and uncanny collection of power tools. Helpful.

This year, I would like to graciously thank the Lords of AdeptiCon (Matt and Hank), who certainly know a few guys in-and-around the hobby world. In particular, I have to offer thanks to the fellas for setting me up with Kevin over at Flying Tricycle. If ever there was "a guy," he qualifies.

In conversation about two months ago, I mentioned that we would be cutting lumber to make the Zone Mortalis shapes but that I was scrounging around for detailing that would make the ship live and breathe. They put me in touch with Kevin, a quick flurry of emails, and a few weeks later a package arrived on my doorstep with (quite literally) hundreds and hundreds of these little shapes cut in thin cardstock ...very, very thin cardstock. 

The idea is a simple one. Give the lumber enough relief and design to distract from its lumberness. Fingers crossed. 

I have now embarked upon the extraordinarily trying process of gluing all of these griblets to all those two-by-fours in order to make them appear more appropriately grim and perhaps even dark – at the very least less like two-bys and more like post-industrial metallic hulk products made of steel or ceremite or whatever.

In the same week, Kevin (via Hank) also produced the necessary components to make a variety of these crates, which have been fabricated in a very similar manner. All else has been eclipsed.

What a boon! What a process.

But man oh man all that gluing has soaked up some time and attention. I have done little else for quite a while now, and I am ready to move these monsters to the next phase.  For those keeping score at home, the shapes shown here represent possibly 25% of the entire shapely collection currently in the manufacture process. Blimey.


Mordian7th said...

That is brilliant! Love seeing the boards come together, definitely inspiring stuff. Keep up the great work, man!

Brian Carlson said...

keep up the good work! We're in the home stretch. You really knock out some amazing tables year after year!

Porky said...

Wow. The scale of it is really out there and I'm feeling under pressure just looking. The effect of those layers is amazing though. The end result is going to look pretty incredible. If Kevin isn't already in the terrain kit business, maybe he should give it some thought.

Cameron said...

Great stuff! It must be tough to sit down and work through all of that!

Son of Dorn said...

That looks awesome! Can't wait to see it all come together.

Zero said...

Cannnot wait to see this in person!!!

Hank Edley said...

Fantastic stuff!

Anonymous said...

Amazing work. Now how can I get some of those for my home table?

Big Jim said...

Looking brilliant as always B! I would have never considered laser cut cardstock, what a glorious idea.

I may have to contact them to see about getting something similar.


Brian said...

@ Mordian 7th. Thank you very much. Lots to report from the end of this week!

@ Brian. Thank you. See you soon.

@ Porky. Pressure it is. I'm more on top of it this year than in past efforts, but the feeling is curiously the same. Funny how that happens.

@ Cameron. It is, but I've just been trying to chip away at it every spare moment. I try not to look too much at the big picture.

@ Son of Dorn. Thank you. AdeptiCon in only 2.5 weeks. Ahhh.

@ Zero. Please stop by and say hello. I'll be the bald guy with glasses. Ha.

@ Hank. Thank you, sir.

@ Anonymous. Thank you. Good question.

@ Big Jim. Wonderful to hear from you, old friend. Thanks for the kind words!

Sidney Roundwood said...

Simply amazing. Year after year you bring something simply incredible to the Adepticon tables, Brian! This year looks to be no exception as these terrain towers look awesome. I only wish I was nearer - I'd definitely be round to give you a hand! Very best of luck for the run-in to the final day.

Niels P said...

You Sir Blew my mind again..

I want it...
But can you tell the "guy" at Flying Tricycle that when you browse his homepage it will simply send you to a Scout BBQ home page.
Even when you press the Contact.

I like BBQ and am a former scout myself, but I think I would like those thin Card stock even more ;)