Sunday, March 24, 2013

Space Hulk

And why not.

Space Hulk is one of my first really intense interests in this hobby. In many ways, the older version was responsible for pulling my attention (fixation) out from the world of high fantasy, with goblins, elves, dragons, and wizards and the like, and into the possibilities offered by pure science fiction. For me, it was a breathless opening to the grimdark potential of the 41st millennium. And I loved it. Still do. 

Ref Pitmann dropped by last week for some light gaming, and it made very pleasant change from the intensity of recent weeks. We have had a very difficult time scheduling these evenings lately, as I have been rather busy and, well, Pitmann has a merciless job. Neither of us felt like a smash-mouth game of 40K, as we have simply not played enough to feel particularly confident with the new edition. So we worked the next best thing. Let’s hear it for beer and pretzels in the pinch.

Long time readers might remember some classic matchups with Pitmann’s Iron Warriors situated across the table from just about anything I could muster on the day. Pitmann is, I believe, very nearly unique in this hobby in that he has only ever played Iron Warriors. 13 years later. Only the Iron Warriors. I have never seen anything/anyone like it.

And Lo! Even in our games of Space Hulk, he replaces the Blood Angels pieces with his own Iron Warrior proxies.

This was a wonderful matchup -the second scenario if memory serves, with "the good guys" spread out and desperate to hold it all organized before the walls come in. 

Ref P got his Autocannon where he wanted it immediately, and managed to get the Sergeant down to block the opposite end almost immediately. As such, I was forced to throw genestealer after genestealer into the grinder, with only the hope that he would either explode or run out of ammunition while I still had something left in the well.

Pitmann, true to form, rolled amazingly. Even after his ammunition was depleted, the Autocannon CSM (cough) managed to kill at least three genestealers in hand-to-hand combat. Surely, that is unprecedented. Of course, it could not last indefinitely, and my stealers closed in on the prey in true form.

Alas, it was too little too late. Pitmann killed the last stealer with just two of his dreadful Iron Warriors on the table.  

What a game.

Next time, we are thinking about dusting off our LotR forces and giving it a bash with the new rules [scratches chin].


Paul O'G said...

Still one of my absolutely favourite wargames, ever!

Matt said...

Never played! always wanted to