Thursday, April 11, 2013

AdeptiCon 2013: Lord of the Rings

I bet you didn’t see that coming.

The pressure cooker heading in to AdeptiCon just went to 11. It’s one louder ...because it’s not all tables and tables with tables around here.

Last year was my first grand adventure in the world of “competitive” gaming with the relatively gentle pressures of 40K’s Combat Patrol dynamic. Despite what the internet has told me about competitive types, I enjoyed myself tremendously -had an absolute blast, in fact.

Indeed. I enjoyed myself so much so that I wanted to try my hand at it again this year. But I also had an ambitious taste for something a good deal different (to me).

Lord of the Rings was a game that I enjoyed some years ago, and the March (madness) to Mount Doom event appealed to me for several reasons. From a distance, it might seem a quirky bend toward power gaming, but in reality the event is designed, simply, to open the weirder possibilities that the game itself offers but that don’t generally make it to standard gaming opportunities. Honestly, when would one ever actually get to play Sauron without a perfect post-rationalization like this?

March to Mount Doom also fell squarely into one of my few free moments on the weekend. Win. Win.

Furthermore, in conversation with some of the organizers (who I was lucky enough to bump into during one of the recent AdeptiCon organization meetings) I was distinctly assured that the event would be cool, calm, collected, and generally quite sporting. Just the thing for my interests in the “competitive lite” end of the gaming spectrum.

…and, it was the perfect excuse to paint a rather large number of old models, some of whom had even been primed but who otherwise sat patiently for about 10 years. I want this to be a shining example to the teeming horde of other neglected models in my collection. There is always hope for you my little ones.

Anyway, my first idea was to do something with all these old trolls I had sitting around. Then a few weeks back I played a series of test games with Ref Pitmann v. his Gimli assortment and I got absolutely stuffed. My plans changed for the weirder. And now I have the Witch King sitting on my desk looking rather lopsided, alongside a whole gaggle of Morgul Knights. I hope to playtest this crowd at least once before the day, as only 15 or so of these guys will make the tables next Thursday night.

yes. the project has snowballed. Funny how that happens. And I will say this about the tournament scene, it is a tremendous way to get motivated for some painting.

Why do these things always spiral so completely out of control?


SinSynn said...

Very nice to hear that you enjoyed your first event and are psyched for another.
I wish everyone that plays a mini game would take that leap just once. I think it's important for our hobby to gather together and get our game on every once in a while, and I've greatly enjoyed pretty much every event I've been to...although FoW tournaments can get a bit dull if they're playing book missions (other than Free-for-All and one or two others) with no alterations and everyone has tailored their list to them.
But, really, I go to hang out, to check out all the cool armies, and to game against some new blood.
Tournaments have gotten SUCH a bad rap over the last few years, and it's quite a shame. They CAN, and SHOULD be a celebration of our hobby. A great, geeky party where we can totally let it all hang out. I don't know what happened, but I'm glad you took a chance, and I'm glad you're telling others about it now.

As for WAAC jerks running stupidly brutal lists, I just shake hands with 'em, politely inform them that I'm not interested in playing against their list, and give them an uncontested victory. I don't go to these things to 'win.' I go to have a good time. And I'm not about to let some 'spoiler of fun' mess up my day.

Cool post. Thanks for the read.
Stop by the House of Paincakes and join in the discussion on one of my posts sometime!

Brian said...

Thanks, SinSynn. I'm never far from iHoP. Great stuff.

Thanks for the words of support. I'm looking forward to posting a bit more on the evolution of this non-competitive gamer once the dust has settled this weekend.