Monday, April 8, 2013

AdeptiCon 2013: Tables (6)

This is the part of the table-building process in which blogging about said progress becomes rather difficult. These photos show the table progress as it stood nearly 10+ days ago. I just haven’t had a proper moment to collect the photos and write about it until now because… well, I’ve been building tables. So it goes.

We have had two relatively pleasant stretches of warm weather here in the Chicago, and that means only one thing at this gentleman’s household: table making. Naturally, I had my trust assistants on hand. Longtime readers will note that they have grown considerably, as has their enthusiasm for the project. Or perhaps they were simply happy to be out of doors again after a dark winter.

To recap: I have been charged with the creation of 8 4x4’ Zone Mortalis tables. Glory. At this early stage, they were only being primed, and while the sunshine helped the process, the ambient temperature was also low enough that drying times were unusual.

So I launched directly into the second table endeavor on my plate this season: Wreck Age. I left Hyacinth Games a little over one month ago (which accompanies another exciting bit of news that I’ll share soon enough), but I still wanted to fulfill as much of this task as possible.

Things being what they are, I have reigned in the scope of that project slightly. I am now focusing on 3 tables that describe the exterior of the troubled town of TenPike. As the game is set in a hellish future in which human folly has decimated the environment, I wanted to focus on a kind of swampy sewage outlet into a once robust forested area. The idea, then, is that we will trace said bletch back toward the remnants of civilization in these tables.

At this point, the tables were mashed together with a combination of spackle and then a few layers of a papier mache product called cellu-clay. The latter is quite good, though more ambitious coats of the stuff require extraordinary amounts of drying time. Again, direct sunlight and ambient heat help this process tremendously. So this is where we stood the day before Easter.

More on last week’s progress this week. Wait. What? 


Loquacious said...

they're so big! and the tables look lovely.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Why is it your adepticon projects always seem to border on the size of insanity?

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

If you think that Brian's ideas are insane just try an imagine what his progeny will bring to the hobby.

Nevermind. That's a scary thought.

Alexander Man said...

Massive Cool Man!