Monday, April 15, 2013

AdeptiCon 2013: Tables (7)




The tables are coming along. I genuinely do not have a second to write more about the process at the moment, as the sprint is fully engaged. gogogogo. These tables will be delivered on Thursday come hell or high water (I’m not even really sure what that means, but I’ve always wanted to write it).

I will say this:
1. The cardstock has been a real challenge to work with. I made a few early blunders and I’ve been stumbling around to fix them since.

2. In absence of all the greater, more ambitious notions that I would have liked to accomplish in this project (no open flames, sorry), I’ve become extraordinarily pragmatic. I’ve also been rediscovering painting techniques that I love.

…for example, chevrons. Love them.

…and highly-weathered, well, everything. I really enjoy making these tables look haggard and worn. So much so, in fact, that I’m not even sure that I could paint cleanly if I wanted anymore. It’s all about layers and layers and layers to make the muck.

Now back to work.


Porky said...

They look fantastic even from here. You can see the overlays and the layering of muck, but they must be even better up close. They feel like a true vision of the world, but good for more besides 40K too.

I think it's hard to turn back from painting on the wear and dirt because of the imagination involved, thinking into the landscape about the processes and stages. It's a kind of minigame, and another good reason for using only painted miniatures and terrain - and converted and home-made especially - for the impression of a story the work feeds in.

Son of Dorn said...

Those look amazing. Wish I could play on them.... Someday. Mark my words.

Alexander Man said...

That´s amazing job! Crazy project... But you seem to handle it :D

The GunGrave said...

Great tables, love 'em!

Brian said...

@ Porky. Indeed. I would very much like to think that these could be used for a variety of different games. In fact, I have made some effort not to connect these tables with any single company's aesthetic -even though they will clearly be used for a specific event. Cheers.

@ Son of Dorn. Thank you. Words marked.

@ Alexander Man. This project is definitely my most ambitious. Thanks

@ GunGrave. Thank you very much.
Cheers all.

Laranabucanera said...

Fantastic games table, a very good and admirable work. Regards.

PD: that is what I understand by spending a good moment throwing the dices.

AndSomeDoug said...

It's great to see these tables finished :)

I stayed up way past bobo'time to cat5ch up on the progress of these tables but went to bed having somehow missed these final posts of them finished (all I caught were a few distant shots of them being used.)

Thanks for sharing. I've spent the last year or two getting back into 40k / modelling and tabletop after a good 15 year break and I've really enjoyed reading through your blog and it has been nice to know that all the thoughts and feelings about getting back into this exciting and immersive hobby are not mine alone as most people I talk to about it either left the hobby long ago, or have never left.

Mostly the last few days I've been picking out the blogs you've done about these tables, and also SO: Killzone, which appears exciting as I was hoping KillTeam could be (I've not read either yet but had been meaning to get around to reading Killteam, but now I think I will read SO: Killzone first ;) ).

The possibilities of smaller games, faster turn around on finishing (and maintaining) an "army" (team) and the ability to try your hand at a different "race / army" (Tau / Orks / Necron etc) is tremendously exciting. Kinda like Necromunda for 40K! :D