Thursday, April 4, 2013

Heroes of Armageddon: revisited

Several posts back, I mentioned (with some chagrin) that after the original Sin of Alacrity raffle-giveaway I had never heard another word from the fellow (in Ohio I believe) who had won.

Well, I still haven’t hear from him. 

But Who cares. Soon after that post Bill (the extraordinary fellow who donated to Doctors Without Borders and took home the best two of the four Heroes of Armageddon tables) wrote me with a very kind note and with these fine photos of the tables in action. 

Brilliant stuff.  

 He included a note saying that the tables were seeing quite a lot of use and that one seam in particular had earned a reputation for its ability to eat pieces in play. 

Apparently, they call it "The Devourer of Dice." Ha. That's totally my bad. 

Well. His letter made my day. There is nothing greater than knowing all of this has contributed some measure of fun and intrigue and general gaming mayhem out there in the real world. 

Thanks, Bill -not only for being a brilliant and kind person, but also for passing this along. Cheers.  



Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Ahahaha, "The Devourer of Dice".
Surely it is the hideout of a Tyranid monstrosity left behind by its Hive Fleet and doomed to suffer many a Battle for Armageddons.

SC Mike said...

you did a great, great job and you should be really proud. Don't worry about others, we know it was awesome!

SC Mike
Santa Cruz Warhammer
Heroes of Armageddon

Brian said...

@ Skarvald. Glory.

@ SC Mike. thank you very much. It was, to date, my favorite project. You assembled an amazing team, and it was an absolute pleasure to be counted among them. Thank you.