Wednesday, May 1, 2013

AdeptiCon: is over… for now

It has been a bit now since AdeptiCon finished, and I am still feeling a rather disconnected with the machinations of the real world. It was an exhausting weekend. Profoundly.

We calculated that Zone Mortalis tables amounted to 128 square feet of gaming mayhem. All three events were extremely well-attended (even moreso than the Killzone events in years past, which is really quite remarkable). And the response was extraordinarily positive. Unfortunately, the flood really made a meal of my weekend, but the convention and events were a very refreshing counterpoint to the brutal storm.

Of course, Zone Mortalis was only the pivot point of the weekend for me. I also brought and additional 70 square feet of tables left over from years past, which the organizers kindly took into their gaming fold. I’m told they will be recycled into open gaming events in years to come. Brilliant.

And then there was the 3 tables for Hyacinth.

In sum, I created about 225 square feet of gaming for the weekend --not meaning to sound the braggadacio, but rather to explain the profundity of my tiredness. This is always the case with AdpetiCon. I leave feeling utterly, truly spent, but also invigorated for more gaming glory, after I recover.

Having said that, I think that I am finally done making these silly tables (well. maybe one more or so for private use only –but only that, and otherwise done). Phew. I’m tired even typing the word “table.”

One thing is missing. I want, and intend, to write a bit more about how much fun I had at the LotR event (tremendous stuff), but I do not really feel like promoting a certain company right now. Still, I will post more on the incredibly kind and cool crowd of LotR players I met when the dust settles a little further.