Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from A Gentleman's Ones and from Anvil Eight Games. Let's hear it for High Fructose Corn Syrup! 
complements of Chris "one take" Tavonatti

Friday, October 24, 2014

Bolt Action!!!


More Bolt Action!

Yep. Bolt Action is where all of the… well… action has been these last few months now. Tremendous fun.

Last week’s scenario had some kind of cache planted on an objective (the round carriage piece -here, my Forward Observer scopes the scene forwardly) in the middle of the table. Chris did well to get on top of the objective early, while I opted for strategery and positioning.

Chris’s dreaded SS –who have earned themselves a fearsome reputation- glided up on a short-lived halftrack while it was still running, and jumped across the objective early. As such, the SS (dreaded) made a truly viscous kind of screen, while a squad of irregulars and that maddening bazooka team (they always seem to be running wherever they go) behind consolidated control and made good their retreat with the objective in question. 

With the groundwork done,  my Jolly Can-Do Brits were forced into wildly suicidal postures as they flung themselves in pursuit of a forlorn objective.

It was ugly. 

For this conflict, we also added a touch of scenery, just a touch, inspired by the Dark Templar’s extraordinarily timely recommendation to be found here.

I will hold off prattling at this point, as I know Dark Templar has some more to say on the matter. But I couldn’t rightly drop these in here and pretend you’re not seeing what you’re seeing - brief version: scenery is wonderful. And so on.

And so Chris and I remain locked in hearty contention – every game as closely fought as the last, with new scenarios and objectives to keep each game fresh. 

We are also engaged in a curious arms race, as each encounter tends to see one side or the other introducing a new element to the tabletop. 

Last time, I introduced my Firefly VC. This time it was some wayward Medium Artillery. The artillery won’t likely make muster again, as the performance was lackluster. One presumes the kettle had just boiled and the artillery boys had other concerns on the clock. 

On that note, I should mention that the otherwise stalwart Forward Observers have let the team down these last two engagements. In each instance, uninspired rolling let Chris place my own artillery barrages back onto my advance, which has seriously mussed the matter. Bolt Action, as we are learning, is often all about those Pin Markers.

But nevermind, the Sherman is quickly earning the title of Sniper Tank in a manner that would make Brad Pitt proud.

My Commandos are now officially and forever 2 full-sized squads of Paratroopers (2 more please), which has helped them stay in the fight much longer than they had any right. As mentioned, these poor sods were forced into some wildly unhealthy positions in order to make a break for the objective as it scuttled behind the German lines.

In all, it was too late to do much but play for a minor loss or really just a draw, which the Brits did with both dignity, manners.

More and more in the coming weeks. I have another squad of Paratroopers and another trick up my sleeve these coming weeks.

What-ho! Indeed. And this last bit was just rude, really.

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Foolish Consistency...

“A foolish consistency is the Hobgoblin of small minds.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

My hobby inclinations have been… evolving. I have, in fact, foresworn (for now) all interest in that certain monolithic company that was once the prime subject of this blog. What? I will admit that this change in events took some small persuasion. The requirements of Anvil Eight Games have consumed almost all my hobby time. Moreover, I admittedly offered some initial mental resistance to change, etc. and so on. But then… Emerson.

So fellow Anvil Eight Games personality Chris “one take” Tavonatti and I have increasingly immersed ourselves in Bolt Action! gloriousness. In my humble opinion, it is a great game -just wonderful. We have been having a gripping old time with it all. The rules are very easy for a reasonably experienced gamer, and every single conflict has been evocative, tense, and very, very closely fought.

And so we have instituted a weekly contention down at the FLGS. It's been a long time coming, but this beautiful game has certainly helped me get some hobby mojo back. Excellent stuff.

This particular game began well for my dedicated Brits. My regulars advanced up the middle and left flank.

The Paratroopers crept up the right flank and jumped the bridge objective with the help of a MMG.

The Regulars began to suffer from the strain and the constant, withering fire -also combined with a reckless level of German bravery.

Then the SS showed up in an armored vehicle and proceeded to crush all opposition. What was left of my British forces struggled to push back, but the SS were entirely too resolute.

The week before this particular engagement shown here, I had just watched Market Garden. Tremendous film. I remembered it dimly from years ago, but it was a real treat to come back to that film, as an adult, as an adult painting British Paratroopers, as an adult Sean Connery fan painting British Paratroopers (“didn’t you know that god is Scottish?” Ha. Class. Who else could deliver that line?). Those familiar with the film will recognize the relevance of my Paratroopers initially sweeping the Germans from the bridge, only to get pummeled by the late arrival of two SS squads with brutality in mind.

So it goes.

Stiff upper lip and all that. The boys are hoping for a better result this week. What-Ho!